JTS Vacations Making the Traveling Experience Better for Travelers

Traveling around the world is many people’s dream, but more than that is the ease of moving from place to place without stress or unpleasant surprises. RIght in the middle of ensuring that is JTS Vacations, a travel company that makes sure travelers enjoy the very best of travel planning and experience a wholesome experience at their destinations.

JTS Vacation came to life from its founder’s love for traveling. The company has positioned itself as a reputable travel concierge that delivers a customized experience to every traveler. The founder and CEO, Shamica Davis, also calls herself the company’s “Chief Experience Officer” to reinforce how important it is for the company to deliver a unique and exceptional experience to travelers every time they itch to visit other parts of the world. JTS Vacations takes pride in planning every aspect, detail, and itinerary for its clients to make sure no stone is left unturned as far as their traveling is concerned.

One standout characteristic of the company is maintaining the same standard of customized experience across the board for its customers. The team is already given each customer’s information, and every customer has a travel advisor assigned to them. So all communication goes through each advisor and is kept consistent throughout the travel process. “If you call at different times, be assured of getting a customized experience. You will not have to go through the process of explaining yourself all over each time you come. We make sure it remains customized for you alone until we are done with your travel plans. Your only job is to pay, pack, and show up,” Shamica promised.

Only a few travel companies take customer experience seriously when planning for their clients’ travels. JTS Vacations offers upscale and elevated customized experience at the core of its services, and it takes away all the heavy lifting from its customers’ hands. The company aims to connect with everyone looking to enjoy and experience the world and relax while at it. “We don’t want to brag, but we’re sort of a big deal when it comes to providing our clients with next-level client support. As a result, our clients feel listened to, taken care, and at ease when they plan their travel with us,” Shamica said.

JTS Vacations also ensures its clients are fully informed and educated about their intended travel plans. Information like visa information, flight details, accommodations, places to see, culture tips, and destination guides are all provided for clients before their travel plans are perfected. The JTS Vacations staff are well-versed in various destinations and often go on research trips and accommodation inspections to make sure everything the company promises is genuine, authentic, and possible to deliver.  

In a few years, Shamica Davis hopes to leverage JTS Vacations’ success to launch other ventures, top of which is her Chief Experience Officer Coaching program, in which she intends to teach new travel agents how to navigate the travel business. “I learned a lot about the travel business through trial and error, and I want to help the next up-and-coming group of agents to avoid the many pitfalls of entrepreneurship,” she said.

Learn more about JTS Vacations on the company’s website.