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There was literally a tremor in the world after COVID-19 took place. Not only were people’s lives disrupted, but the entire world’s operations were also halted as a result of the attack. A deadly virus has claimed more than a million lives, thousands of jobs, and even some of the most well-known companies have closed their doors due to this virus.

As a matter of fact, it was a disaster in every sense of the word across the globe, every country felt its effect.

The good news is that some businesses were able to avoid falling into utter chaos as a result of the chaos. There is a quote by the founder and CEO of Deviate Agency, Jonas Muthoni, that states, “It is not about the uncontrollable circumstances, but rather how you choose to let them affect your life.”.

Jonas Muthoni has something to share with the world, more of a tip to stay afloat when and if a recession hits—the chances of which are pretty high. It is his belief that using online marketing in the right way to attract organic followers will make a real difference for companies in the long run. Jonas is an influential digital marketing leader based in Los Angeles, who advocates the development of an online marketing plan that is recession-proof. The goal here needs to be to increase organic traffic as much as possible.

In the opinion of Muthoni, ranking high organically can make a big difference for a business. “If people are finding your business organically on Google and are capable of doing business with you, then they will be ready to do so.” With that being said, it is no surprise that one of the smartest techniques which has proven to produce results is, of course, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In the world of digital marketing, search engine optimization is one of the most powerful techniques.

Among the questions that may arise is why this type of marketing technique should be so effective in the midst of a recession.

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple — it relies on an algorithm that is predictable, so you can use it effectively.

Among some of the best digital marketing experts in the world, Muthoni not only recommends the practice of SEO to people, but it is also recommended by some of the best in the industry. According to him, when we discussed the importance of this technique, he said, “When it comes to SEO, think of it as building a rental property, and you’ll keep collecting dividends for the rest of your life as you invest in that rental property.”

Getting high rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) is no easy task. Then there is nothing that can stop a business from achieving digital success. A service or a product is almost always searched for online. Every business must prioritize visibility on the SERPs.

As one of our core services, SEO is one that you should take into consideration. Using SEO to drive organic traffic to your website is one of the best ways to build authority within the search engines and build authority within the search engines,” explained Muthoni. This strategy has been used by him to assist his clients to grow during the pandemic by providing them with a variety of services.

Despite the fact that SEO is an effective strategy, one thing you need to understand about it is that it takes time to produce results. In his opinion, Muthoni believes that while online marketing should revolve around search engine optimization, it is also wise to make some paid efforts for the best results as well. Through his holistic approach to marketing, he developed a strategy that included paid advertising, PR campaigns and social media campaigns as part of an online marketing strategy. Methodologies such as these assist with the establishment of a channel to help with the conversion of traffic into leads in a more effective manner.

During the pandemic, many companies, to stay afloat, decided to cut down on their marketing budget. This is one of the biggest mistakes that businesses could make, as online marketing is one thing that can be made recession-proof. No economic variation or downturn can impact the results, and it will help a business stay in the limelight even when other companies struggle to stabilize.

As Jonas mentioned, “If your website is technically optimized, along with the types of content and off-site SEO strategies that include backlink building and automation, you’ll reap the benefits as a fully developed long-term strategy.”

In this period when businesses are having difficulty maintaining stability, Jonas Muthoni offers a recession-proof strategy for online marketing.

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