John Mateyko, APMA®, WMCP™, RICP® on Emerging Trends in the Labor Market

John Mateyko
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By: John Mateyko

The past several years have been a period of considerable change for many businesses in the United States, spurred by the pandemic, societal shifts, and evolving state and local laws. 

These challenges have left many businesses in my network wanting a crystal ball–and understandably so! While we can’t quite give you that, we do want to proactively share a few trends we’ve seeing currently within the employment landscape.

Pay Transparency Laws and Expectations: As you may know, pay transparency laws require employers to reveal salary ranges for jobs up front, either in job postings or upon candidate inquiry. These laws and regulations are gaining momentum, with over a quarter of U.S. workers now residing in areas with some form of pay transparency laws. 

What’s more, some employers in states without such regulations seem to be adopting the practice. Ultimately, there are business pros and cons for doing so without it being required or for adding more detail than is required. 

On the con side, adding salary ranges can lead to dissatisfaction among current employees if the salary range for an open position is higher than the salary of existing employees with similar positions. It can also make the employer’s position in salary negotiations weaker, given that the candidate knows exactly how much the company is willing to pay.

That said, some studies suggest this kind of transparency enhances employee retention, and employers may be limiting their talent pool if they don’t include salary ranges. In fact, 55% of workers and 64% of Gen-Z job-seekers won’t even apply to a job if it doesn’t have a range, according to a recent Joblist survey.

Remote vs. In-Office – A Tug Of War: With the brunt of the pandemic fully in the rearview, many businesses are grappling with how to balance a workforce that has grown used to remote work with leadership concerns about team-building, collaboration, and efficiency. 

Some employers have threaded this needle by pivoting to a hybrid schedule, with approximately 30% of the workforce now working part-time from the office. 

Yet, while most companies still seem to prioritize some form of in-office experience, office utilization has dropped to roughly 50% of pre-pandemic levels in major U.S. cities, likely in part because there are less people in the office at once. 

Given this, I do have some clients who have opted for a smaller space, sometimes at a lower cost–or sometimes simply in a better location with more attractive features that incentivize working from the office.

Benefits and Perks: On the note of incentivizing employees to return to the office, in-office perks like free lunch have become increasingly popular among some of my clients. And benefits in general have been a strong, cost-effective way for employers to differentiate themselves amid a continued labor shortage and increased job seeker expectations. 

Mental health care support in particular has become an incredibly important benefit among workers, with eight out of ten job-seekers looking for a workplace that prioritizes mental health. An expanded interpretation of family leave (to include adoptive parents, fathers, and foster parents) is also becoming the norm.

About John Mateyko

John Mateyko is a seasoned financial advisor with a remarkable career spanning over twenty years. He resides in the beautiful town of Serenbe, Georgia, where he serves as the Managing Partner at IDEX Financial, an organization he himself founded in 2010. His primary role involves creating sustainable retirement income plans, with the goal of leveraging his extensive experience and proficiency to help clients achieve their financial goals.

John’s journey into the finance sector began after completing his business studies at Augustana College. This academic foundation paved the way for a prosperous career where he held significant roles at respected firms such as Morgan Stanley, Atlas Securities, US Bank, and JP Morgan Chase. Throughout his professional path, John Mateyko has consistently been lauded for his excellent portfolio management skills.

His unwavering commitment to excellence is demonstrated by the numerous prestigious certifications he holds. As a Fiduciary Financial Planner, John is dedicated to prioritizing his clients’ needs. His credentials as a Wealth Management Certified Professional (WMCP), Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), and Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor (APMA) highlight his in-depth knowledge and ongoing commitment to learning. Currently, John is pursuing the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) certification from the renowned Yale School of Management, illustrating his steadfast dedication to professional growth.

About IDEX Financial

Established in 2010 as a boutique investment firm in Chicago, Illinois, IDEX Financial expanded to the Atlanta, Georgia market in 2018 and relocated to Serenbe, Georgia in 2020. In his role at IDEX, John guides clients through the nuances of retirement planning. Recognizing the unique financial circumstances of each client, he employs a tailored approach to devise strategies that aim to coincide with their specific needs. John’s goal is to provide insightful guidance and foster a sense of security with his ultimate aim to enable his clients to make informed decisions about their financial futures.

Away from his professional duties, John cherishes his family and community. His family proudly contributes to the Serenbe community. Located in rural Georgia, Serenbe is a tranquil sanctuary that encourages wellness, a sense of community, and an appreciation for nature, offering scenic trails for residents and visitors to indulge in the area’s natural splendors.

In conclusion, John Mateyko is not just a successful financial advisor, but also a dedicated family man and a valued member of the Serenbe community. With his expertise, commitment to continued education, and personalized approach, John is devoted to making a positive impact on the lives of his clients and the community he calls home.

To learn more about John Mateyko, check out Crunchbase, Linkedin, and website.

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