Jewelry Designer “Tim Da Jeweler” Brings High-Quality Custom Pieces to San Francisco Bay Area

After building a mighty name in the online jewelry industry, Tim Da Jeweler is opening physical doors in Concord, California. While bringing his masterpieces closer to the viewing public, the rising jewelry designer is determined to build lasting connections with his clientele and further his brand of excellence.

Before becoming the trendsetter that he is now, Tim Da Jeweler was a diamond in the rough. To sharpen his edges, he had to overcome numerous obstacles on his own and spend hours researching and developing his craft. It all began after his high school graduation.

Unlike other kids who went straight to college, the brilliant jeweler picked up a job. Trying to survive alone and without a clear direction as to what he wanted to do, he took on several career titles and acquired varying skills. When he was working in an insurance agency, he finally realized what he wanted to do.

Tim was going to be a jeweler. Buying a pair of earrings online awakened something within him, and the young entrepreneur saw himself making a living selling jewelry. “Once I decided that I had an interest in jewelry, I did countless hours of research online and found suppliers to make jewelry and began to brand my company.”

His first company launched under the name TSV Jewelers. Establishing an online jewelry retailer company that catered to local and international demands was a challenge. The business owners on TV who made everything seem easy did not do Tim any favors. Under the false impression that things would go smoothly, the jewelry designer encountered problems and issues that he admittedly was not prepared to handle.

His eagerness to grow his venture and misconceptions about the workload led to hasty decisions. Fortunately, his quick-thinking helped him devise a way to improve his services. Tim slowed down and dove into extensive research to better his brand. Success soon came after.

“In my opinion, I feel like with a business, 80% of the time, you get the same results that you put in. With that being said, if you work smart and hard, you should see success, and if there is a lack of drive, the business will begin to tank.”

Revising his system and building on his winning traits of ambition, time management, and working smarter helped Tim establish TSV Jewelers as a powerhouse in the industry. Branching out, he began producing his line of jewelry designs and releasing it to an enthusiastic public.

Gaining traction as a sought-after jewelry designer, Tim took on the name “Tim Da Jeweler” and recently opened his very first showroom in the San Francisco Bay area, California. While draping his growing clientele with blinding confidence, the talented entrepreneur is working on his next move.

Staying ten steps ahead as a walking idea tank, Tim is excited to incorporate more art in his custom work in the future. He is set on expanding his inspirations beyond art and hip-hop culture and showcasing it through multimedia content to be uploaded on his channels. With several plans underway, the jewelry artist is ecstatic to develop more business relationships and open the doors of his showroom nationwide.

Witness Tim’s rise to the top of the industry. Learn more about the jewelry designer and browse through his intricate masterpieces online or in his recently-opened showroom in Concord, California. Follow Tim Da Jeweler on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or visit his official website.

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