Jennifer H. Copus, Co – Founder of Copus & Copus Discusses the Tools to Enact Change in the Legal Industry

For Jennifer H. Copus, Co-Founder of  Copus & Copus, P.A., leading a top-tier law firm starts with a mission of being accomplished, experienced, and thorough. Delivering strong counsel on family law, civil litigation, real estate, and contract matters, she employs various strategies to defend the rights of others and guide them through life’s most challenging moments. Through confidence, adaptability, and a healthy work-life balance, Copus is enacting change within the legal industry with the proper tools to make it happen.

Dedicated to resolving issues in Florida’s Okaloosa County and along the Emerald Coast, Copus and her team strive to accept cases that are worth winning. “We accept cases that we have confidence in resolving or obtaining relief for our clients,” she says. This includes a strong relationship with clients, a major element in achieving long-term positive solutions to the most difficult legal challenges. “That coupled with our rapport with the client usually determines if we take the case or not,” she adds. Such confidence pushes Copus and her firm to be the best they can be with high-quality representation and the belief to get the job done.

Together with Co-Founder and husband, Steven W. Copus, Copus and her team work hard to protect the rights of others, while always adapting to the changing conditions in the legal industry. “I have particularly enjoyed the transitions in the civil realm that have happened due to the pandemic, including not having to go to the courthouse for hearings now that those transitioned over to virtual appearances,” she explains. As a result, this adjustment has proven to be a success not only for her firm but for clients seeking legal help. “It has been such a time and money saver for our clients. For us, it’s shocking that we weren’t doing it before the pandemic. However, I’ve loved the transition and like doing it much better that way.

”With over 21 years of legal experience, Copus’s proudest day of her professional life is one that reaches far beyond her own. “Several years ago, I worked on an appeal that resulted in a written opinion. It’s now the leading authority on issues related to sanctions that can be imposed for filing frivolous lawsuits. I’m very proud of it,” she shares. Through decades of hard work and perseverance, Copus takes pride in this achievement that not only continues to touch her life but many clients in need.

To cultivate effective outcomes in the office, Copus values a healthy work-life balance that allows her the flexibility to pursue endeavors on the outside. “For me, success is a combination of gaining control over my professional life and a measure of financial stability,” she states. This is the key to success for Copus who applies moderation to her work and the philosophy of her firm. “I’m not a big fan of hustle culture. Instead, I believe you need to have a good balance between your work and personal life. It’s very important to work towards that.

”Working to remain an advocate for change in the field of law, Copus continues to make use of the tools that help her to succeed in and out of the workplace. “It’s my goal to travel to every continent before I die and I’m making gains in that regard. I also practice transcendental meditation and yoga, which I feel strengthens both my body and mind to help me do my job better.”