Jeffrey Krentzman: A Living Example of Passion Is the Key to Success

Success does not come to those who wait but to those who work hard.

The road to accomplishment is not easy. There are so many hurdles you have to pass through before you can actually achieve what you want. Sometimes, it gets hard to cope up, but most of the time, it helps in moving forward. Since the beginning, we have been told hard work is mandatory for success, but however, we are never told about the unpleasant pathway. After entering the corporate sector, some people tend to give up because of the constant struggle and criticism. On the other side, most of them stand still and face everything independently, and this is what success is about, being passionate.

In the list of determined and dedicated entrepreneurs falls the name of Jeffrey Krentzman, a man of his vision. Indeed, the corporate sector has a lot to offer, both negative and positive. Standing against the odds and embracing positivity is what entrepreneurship is about. Krentzman did the same, and there he was, a successful businessman.

After acquiring his BSc degree in Communication Studies from Boston University, Krentzman pursued his major as his career. But soon after entering the corporate sector, he knew that he was not made for commercial captivity. He instantly started looking for opportunities, and in 2009, he finally found one. Sometimes, the customers do not even know the problem exists until they are forced to notice it. Communication of the need for a particular service is the core goal of a business, and Krentzman did the same. In 2009, he saw an opportunity and opened up his company, The BBQ Cleaner.

Krentzman knows that everybody wants to have a barbecue night, but nobody wants to clear and clean up the mess after that. He saw this as his targeted area and set his mission. Initially, in 2006, Krentzman started providing barbecue cleaning services locally. And after three years, when he was confident about delivering the services to other people, he opened up a barbecue cleaning company and started providing his services in the US. He knew it was not easy to pursue this field as a career because it was nothing but a cleaning job in people’s eyes. However, Krentzman did not think a lot, and he made his decision. Being spontaneous and instinctive made Krentzman open up at 255 locations all over the US and Canada today.

After looking at his success in the most unexpected field, Krentzman realized that all one must have is a vision to be an effective entrepreneur. He knew a lot of people were not stepping forward because of the fear of failure, and he started giving a helping hand to those next-generation leaders. Along with his business, Krentzman began mentoring other innovative enthusiasts too. He started his podcast “Mind your pucking business,’ and in that, he talked about the ups and downs of his journey. Krentzman knew everybody needs a little motivation to get where they want to be, and he tried his best to be the encouraging factor. Now, Krentzman helps people determine their goals and customize their marketing plan to make them achieve what they desire.

Managing a business, helping others, and looking after the family all at once is not as easy as Krentzman made it look. From the beginning, he has faced a lot of challenges. He was criticized for his field and was never given the respect he deserved. But according to Jeff, people who did not believe in his vision acted as fuel to the fire and made his hunger for success even greater. People who take constructive criticism positively eventually grow at a faster pace. Leadership is not easy; instead, it is constant exposure to risks and negativity, but leaders know how to handle everything well, and Krentzman is one of those leaders.


The slow and gradual growth of his business gave Krentzman several new ideas and exposure. He became a mentor, a sports analyzer, a motivational speaker, and above all, a responsible father. Even after so many things on his plate, Krentzman has agreed that his number one priority is his family and happiness. It is not easy to manage professional and personal life together, but people like Krentzman restore the faith of humans in flawless management. 



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