Interview with Grant Litt, CEO of Northern Construction and Canadian Outdoors Enthusiast

Grant Litt
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Grant Litt, born on May 7, 1994, in Kitchener, Ontario, stands as a testament to the power of dedication, resilience, and innovation. Brought up in a family environment that emphasized both care and duty, Grant’s foundational values were shaped early on. His mother’s daycare business imparted values of nurturance and diligence, while his father’s commendable service as a Waterloo firefighter taught him the essence of responsibility and commitment.

Even in his formative years, Grant demonstrated a pronounced interest in the mechanics of automobiles. This affinity for engines and machinery hinted at a budding passion that would significantly influence his professional trajectory. Parallelly, his involvement in sports, notably football, fastball, and hockey, showcased his drive and competitive nature. His backyard rink sessions weren’t merely leisure activities; they were reflections of his dedication and discipline.

Although Grant began his post-academic journey at Conestoga College’s pre-service firefighting program, where he graduated with top honors, the realm of construction beckoned him with a stronger pull. Today, as the CEO of Northern Construction, Grant’s visionary leadership has driven the company to be a distinguished entity in the Northern Bruce Peninsula’s construction sector.

Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Grant’s interests are a blend of precision and adventure. From the high-octane world of Formula 1 racing to the serene pursuits of fishing and hunting, his hobbies offer insights into a leader who values both rigor and relaxation. In the competitive landscape of construction and business, Grant Litt stands out, combining unwavering professionalism with a profound connection to his roots and environment.

Kivo Daily:Good morning, Grant. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. To begin, your childhood sounds fascinating. How do you think growing up in a family where your mother ran a daycare, and your father was a firefighter influenced your values and work ethic?

Grant Litt: Growing up in that environment instilled a deep sense of responsibility and compassion in me. I saw firsthand the dedication my parents had in their respective roles. My mother’s daycare taught me the importance of patience, while my father’s firefighting role showcased bravery and commitment. Those values became a foundation for my approach to work and life.

Kivo Daily:Your passion for mechanics and automobiles started quite young. Can you share a memorable moment from your childhood that sparked this interest?

Grant Litt: Absolutely. I remember, as a kid, being utterly fascinated with the engines of trucks and cars, often trying to understand how they worked. One day, my father took me to a local car event, and seeing those vehicles up close and hearing the roar of the engines – that was the moment I knew I was hooked.

Kivo Daily:You had a promising start in firefighting, even graduating at the top of your class. What led to the shift from firefighting to the construction industry?

Grant Litt: While I have great respect for firefighting and loved the training, I soon realized that my true passion was in building and creating. The construction world provided an avenue to channel my love for mechanics and my drive to make tangible, lasting contributions to communities.

Kivo Daily:Now, as the President and CEO of Northern Construction, how do you define success?

Grant Litt: To me, success is about progression. It’s about being closer to your goals or even surpassing them compared to where you were the previous year. It’s a year-to-year comparison. If I see growth, whether personal or professional, I consider that a success.

Kivo Daily:Many doubted your path in the trades, thinking you wouldn’t make it. How did you tackle these perceptions, and what kept you motivated?

Grant Litt: Doubt from others was certainly a challenge, but I’ve always believed in never giving up. Meeting other contractors who encouraged me, sharing their experiences, and teaching me tricks of the trade was invaluable. They reminded me to focus on my journey, learn something new every day, and never shy away from challenges.

Kivo Daily:In terms of leadership and managing Northern Construction, what principles do you hold most dear?

Grant Litt: Honesty, transparency, and consistency are paramount. I’ve found that when you operate with these principles, you build trust with your team and clients, which is crucial in any business.

Kivo Daily:Lastly, considering your personal hobbies and love for the outdoors, do you believe personal satisfaction plays a role in professional success?

Grant Litt: Absolutely. Personal satisfaction and professional success are intertwined. If you aren’t satisfied personally, it becomes challenging to achieve and recognize success professionally. For me, the wilderness and my outdoor hobbies keep me grounded, reminding me of the bigger picture and what truly matters.

Kivo Daily: Thank you, Grant. It’s been a pleasure learning about your journey. Here’s to many more years of success both in the boardroom and out in the wilderness.

Grant Litt: Thank you. It’s been a pleasure sharing my story with you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Values from childhood Play a Pivotal Role: Grant Litt’s upbringing, with a mother running a daycare and a father as a firefighter, instilled core values in him, like responsibility and compassion. These values influenced not just his personal life but also how he approaches leadership and business, demonstrating that foundational values from one’s early years can guide one’s actions and decisions in adulthood.
  • Defining Success as Progression: Grant Litt believes that success isn’t a static achievement but a continual progression. Year-to-year growth, whether personal or professional, is the metric he uses to gauge success. This mindset encourages continuous learning, adaptation, and the drive to always strive for more.
  • Personal Satisfaction & Professional Success are Intertwined: Grant Litt emphasizes the importance of personal satisfaction in achieving professional success. His love for the outdoors and his hobbies help keep him grounded and provide perspective. For him, personal well-being and fulfillment are necessary components to truly recognize and achieve success in the professional realm.
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