Innovative Senior Solutions, Paving the Way for the Massive Growth of the Senior Care Industry

Everybody wants to grow old, but what happens when you get there?

This is a conversation that Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright, Founders of Innovative Senior Consultants, also known as ISC, hope to encourage. With over 20 years of experience as healthcare professionals, specializing in long-term care for the elderly, the sisters have dedicated their lives to the care and comfort of seniors citizens and disabled adults. “We truly strive to make a difference in not only the client’s lives, but in the family lives, the direct care staff, as well as the communities we serve,” the consultants shared.

The Georgia natives have been successful in their efforts, revitalizing distressed communities by purchasing and flipping 22 properties into fully furnished and inspection-ready senior care facilities. Over the next year, they plan to acquire 25 more properties to add to their portfolio of leasable senior care communities that mimic the comfort of being at home.

Safety and comfort are not luxuries, they are staples of the environments ISC create.

At the height of the pandemic, Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright converted one of their facilities into a recovery home for Covid-19 patients. Under their leadership, the patients were able to safely recover and many choose to remain clients over the year. To date, none of their clients or staff members reported any new cases of the virus while living or working in the innovative senior care homes. Their attention to detail and cultivating staff passionate about serving seniors with the highest quality services to support their health, safety, and dignity set their businesses apart from nursing homes that experienced spikes in the Covid cases. 

Innovative Senior Consultants share their cutting-edge blueprint for success. 

Millions of adults are turning 65 every day. ISC knew they alone could not serve the wave of baby boomers who would all be reaching senior status by 2030. They had to compound their efforts by enlisting the help of competent and compassionate business-minded individuals and investors who were interested in fast-tracking their entry into the industry. In a statement, the CEOs shared, “We want to encourage entrepreneurs who are stalling, due to lack of finances or knowledge, how to enter the senior care industry and be profitable while providing quality service.” 

The consultation agency trains entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and healthcare professionals on starting, maintaining, and growing a profitable senior care business. As mentorship and leadership development played a major role in their early success, the innovative founders vowed to offer similar resources to their clients through offering Turnkey Personal Care Homes, an Accelerator Membership, and their Seniors Care Business Incubator program. The ongoing support and done-for-you options relieves a lot of the stress and anxiety that accompanies starting a new business. 

Innovative Senior Consultants’ Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Innovative Senior Consultants’ goal in the next 20 years is to become a nationally recognized corporation, setting standards of innovative caregiving through comprehensive senior networks. They aim to reach every household across the country so seniors and disabled adults can comfortably enjoy their golden years.

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