Influencers and fans, it’s complicated — Understanding fan behavior

We live in a world where people are always yearning for more and more “Tea,” a gen-z word for gossip. It’s what makes it to the headlines these days, and news outlets feast on the next big celebrity scandal. Even news of a wardrobe malfunction, unfollow on IG, or a tweet that generates views is enough to become the talk of the town. Fans don’t waste time getting ready to watch and hear their “favorite” influencers with snacks. The important part is that only negative or embarrassing incidents receive the greatest spotlight.

In contrast, positive acts such as charity receive little to no attention. As far as the modern world is concerned, people hating you doesn’t mean they will stop watching you. It all comes down to Brock Lesnar’s situation in WWE, where everyone hates Lesnar but still loves to watch him. Similarly, your next TikTok video may confuse the public, but as long as it entices gossip, people won’t stop watching it; they will wait impatiently for your next video. Author Mark Manson puts it beautifully,

“The world is ****** up, and I’m pretty sure it’s the internet’s fault.”

There’s an old saying that there is no such thing as bad press, and this notion is more accurate than ever in today’s day and age. The song “Baby” by Justin Bieber was one of the most hated songs on YouTube, with a dislike tally totaling up to 12.40 million, whereas its viewership grew to 2 billion views. No matter how much people hated the song, they couldn’t stop listening to it. Brittany Spears is known famously for her manic episodes, which were thoroughly documented by renowned press agencies, waiting for her to make her next move. That’s just the reality of the content people are allured to. They may not like the content and disagree with its motivation but will keep their eyes glued to their screens. Tirus Kimble, also known as “Weeb Emperor,” states in his TikTok live, “Weeb Dynasty is like UFOs, people look at them, people get intrigued, people want more, and people get confused, but they never fail to be entertained and wonder what’s next.”

People may judge the couple for how they entertain on OnlyFans and Instagram, but they still attract a lot of attention from their followers for their content. Tirus and his partner, Wallie Sue (Empress Kitten), have been subjected to bans 47 times in the last two years and deserve to be crowned as the undisputed emperors for the most banned couple on TikTok. But astonishingly, they were among the top 0% on OnlyFans. Only proving Tirus’ theory that fans get confused, but they can’t stop watching it. We live in a world that operates on shock factors for entertainment. The more taboo the content is, it is most likely to be chased. Today, we see numerous influencers switching boats from IG to platforms like OnlyFans that spark their curiosity because taboo viewership is becoming stronger every day.

The Weeb Dynasty opposes censorship and regards it as a form of oppression of human expression. Despite their setbacks, the duo has established their very own eCommerce store, diversifying from OnlyFans to their very own business. The couple encourages the message to live your life on your terms, which is an inspiration to many.