How to List Product Bundles on Amazon?

You would have plans to watch movies tonight and could have shopped for all the good snacks including candies, chewing gums, cookies, and drinks. But on your return to the home, you might have been informed that you have missed the much-needed popcorns. Now you were never going to miss any of the items, had there been a bundle offer in place for movie snacks. It happens for many kinds of shopping. People are very likely to miss one item while shopping for other similar goods. It happens for the kitchen, grocery, and even the cosmetics. Hence, a few smart sellers have started offering bundles of products that contain everything you need in one package. It is happening in the conventional markets but is very much common on Amazon as well. You can also master your skills by visiting But it is good to understand a few concepts before you plan to sell in bundles on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon vs. eBay varies to a greater extent. Amazon is much flexible to other similar platforms and more importantly, it offers more space for selling. You can simply accelerate the buying process and can generate more money with a lesser amount of money spent on PPC campaigns by using this formula. Bundle sales are such a useful option when it comes to selling on Amazon.

Selling Wholesale Bundles on Amazon

You can create a private label on Amazon but the cost of the project is always going to hurt many beginners. Similarly, one can sell as a third party and can resell on the platform with comfort. It will never really require creating, labeling, and promoting products on Amazon to generate sales. You can even avoid competition by following this route. It is easy to sell the products of another successful seller. And, it becomes even useful if the seller is already selling on Amazon and have earned some fame in the process. You can also sell the products of that seller without even creating new listings. Bundling the products together has its unique benefits. You can lower fulfillment costs and can even control the price.

How To Find Products to Bundle

Searching for the right product or set of products is key to success when we talk about bundle selling on Amazon. It is a little difficult to cash the products that are sold less frequently or are less demanded. You can try a range of options listed below to get to the right bundle of products.

  • Search “bundle” on Amazon

Searching bundle on Amazon will bring you nothing but product bundles. You can search the entire Amazon for information. But if you are interested in selling then you should filter your search to that specific product category. You will find a range of bundles in your set search term and category. It will then depend on the negotiations and your interests to pick the right product bundle for selling.

  • Search “frequently bought together” on Amazon

This is a useful section on the platform and it will give you a great idea about the kinds of products that are bought along with other products. You can also tie these products with other frequently bought products to make your specific bundles of goods.

  • Use product database

It is always a fine option to approach the product database for more curated results. One can find the right set of products by approaching the database. You can explore multiple brands and products with the database details. It is easy to contact brands later for more details.

How To Create Your Custom Bundle

Searching into Amazon for bundles and looking for more famous products on the platform can surely help you in your pursuit. But everything will remain on the paper if you do not step forward and create your custom bundle for sale on Amazon. A lot of people ponder whether or not Amazon will allow them to do so. The answer to this simple question is yes, Amazon will let you sell in bundles even from day one. It is just a selling option and you can also choose it like many other sellers on Amazon. Once you have sorted and selected the right product then it is easy to bundle multiple items and generate the much-needed sales.

You can create your brand on Amazon to create bundles. No one will be able to create listings under that brand. You will just need to promote your listings and run a few PPC campaigns to showcase your bundle listings in the search results. Creating bundle listings is very much similar to the general product listings development.

You will need to promote your listings if you have chosen new brand settings but you may not need to promote if you have decided to sell other’s products. You can sell items from already existing sellers and it would just require selling and nothing else.

Custom Branded Packaging for Your Bundle

Developing the bundles is not the only thing to do. You may have developed the bundles on paper but executing the ideas is much important. And, you can only do that by packing your bundle items together. It is good to draft a custom packaging for your bundle if you have decided to sell your specific bundles under a new name. It will not only help you execute your idea but also will let you do positioning for your product bundle. You can differentiate by developing customized packaging for your bundle.

Pros And Cons to Selling Bundles on Amazon


  • Added ease for the buyers
  • Less competition
  • More control over price
  • Multiple product sales and hence more revenues
  • Lower PPC costs if you are selling the items of the already popular brands.


  • It will involve extensive sourcing
  • Increased warehouse price
  • Extra packaging costs
  • May require contacting multiple brands
  • A few brands may not allow you to sell their products with those of others.

Start Selling Your Items in A Bundle Now

Starting selling the items in bundles never requires doing anything out of the universe. You can communicate, engage brands, and can package your goods to sell in bundles. It just requires a bit of commitment and optimism to sell in bundles on Amazon.

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