How Ramin Popal Utilized Social Media to Expand His Brand and Establish Himself as an E-commerce Titan

In the early days of the internet’s introduction to the world, there have been various platforms that allow people to communicate from different parts of the world. As the years went by, social media started to take over. For many businesses, it presented an opportunity for their brands to grow, especially for the e-commerce sector. Ramin Popal, a young entrepreneur based in Australia, realized how much potential these platforms had in his early teen years. Unafraid to take risks, he managed to expand his brand across multiple social media platforms.

Like many of his peers, Ramin Popal grew up around the time that social media started to grow popular. Even at an early age, he realized the potential it held for businesses to thrive. His early encounters with e-commerce came from his family when Ramin’s father would buy and sell products. At the time, eBay was one of the most popular platforms to purchase things online. Despite his youth, he enjoyed the whole idea of e-commerce before even knowing what it was.

“When I was around 14, I was selling products on eBay,” he explained. “I’d buy the product for like, $5 to $10 from a supplier and I’d sell the product on eBay for like $50, which made a huge profit.”

The entire process opened Ramin’s eyes to the world of e-commerce and helped him understand how powerful the online space could be. Although he hadn’t gone to college then, Ramin started to shift his focus on establishing an e-commerce business through social media platforms. While most people would have dismissed his early endeavors, Ramin set out to realize his goals, and in two years, he was able to build an Instagram page with over 220,000 followers. 

Ramin’s reputation in the industry has grown significantly, and he no longer needed to reach out to brands to make deals. Instead, brands would approach him to have their products or pages promoted. At 19, he was already making more money than his friends, their parents, or even their teachers were making.

With such a strong reputation on social media and e-commerce, Ramin Popal decided to elevate his platform by establishing an educational company called “Ecomm Sharks.” The company teaches people, both aspiring and experienced, how to start and build a successful online store and attain success through e-commerce. Although he lacks official training and only completed high school, Ramin’s success through the years already qualifies him for his new venture. 

“You don’t need high school,” he said. “You don’t need college or anything to get started. I just dived into it and learned it all through.”

With the success he accumulated throughout his career, one would expect him to feel content, but Ramin Popal still has big plans for his future. The young entrepreneur plans to not only expand his brand to become the biggest store across the world but also bring his follower count to millions. Ramin hopes to continue using his platforms to inspire and motivate others.

Learn more about Ramin Popal and Ecomm Sharks by visiting his official website.

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