How Marlon Arisu Holden Built A Stellar List Of Distinguished Clients

It’s one thing to want a stellar list of distinguished clients and another to build one. Talented artist Marlon Arisu Holden built himself one by employing these three methods.

By offering something new

In today’s world, when anyone with a phone is foolhardy to consider themselves a photographer, it’s not easy to build a portfolio that can get the attention of serious buyers. What was challenging for others was an opportunity for Marlon. He added, “It’s not easy to develop a true photographer’s eye. Especially if you think you are a photographer only when you pick up the camera. I keep an open mind and an open eye at all times. This helps me create my photographs in my mind while keeping them organic and spontaneous.”

By giving them an excellent experience

Time is the currency in which we transact in the world of today. If you can provide value for someone’s time, you’ll win their appreciation. That’s exactly the strategy Marlon employed. He says, “My downtown Laguna Beach Fine Art Gallery gives my clients a chance to immerse themselves in a new world. It helps them transcend to a newer level of reality, and they appreciate it enough to help me garner six figures and more.

By never compromising on quality

Quality is a time-honored tradition for Marlon. And he imbues all his work with it. For him, nature is the biggest inspiration, and as we all know, nature does not compromise. He adds, “I have such tremendous respect for the forces and efficiency of nature. Have you ever noticed how nature packs and arranges everything? Right from the honeycomb to a drop of water, everything is a pattern that fills the bigger canvas of nature organically. It’s my dream and goal to re-create such perfection and quality in every photograph I take. And to be honest, beyond a point, it becomes a therapeutic experience for me where the camera is just an extended eye and nature, an entity which is more alive than anything else I have ever known.”

Marlon’s three tips can help anyone build a stellar clientele in no time indeed.


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