How Cassandra Smith Found the Formula to Success With Blanks Galore and Her Impact on the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs

Regardless of how much success one has accumulated in their professional career, their background will always determine how one interacts among their peers. Cassandra Smith is an entrepreneur and the founder of Blanks Galore, one of the most successful companies in the sublimation business. While it is often difficult for one to make the waves in the industry, the entrepreneur has proven to be an anomaly with consistent growth in her endeavors. Rather than keep the secrets to success for herself, Cassandra has been using her platform to share her knowledge with others.

Born and raised in McRae, Georgia, Cassandra Smith is one of seven children in a single-parent household who watched her mother work hard enough to bring food to the table. Cassandra’s mother’s hardworking example planted something in her mind that she would later cultivate to start and grow her brand. By adulthood, Cassandra moved to Atlanta to begin an entrepreneurial career and she knew she’d see success.

Although Blanks Galore has become a successful establishment today, the entrepreneur was not without some hardships along the way. Two years ago, Cassandra was homeless, running into many closed doors along the way.

“When I began my journey, I looked for ways to learn and grow my business, but I was met with so many challenges just to get information,” she explained. “That left me discouraged but unfettered, stressed but not hopeless, and even resulted in me making avoidable mistakes along the way. But I learned from them and persevered.”

When Cassandra started to crack the code, she knew that she wanted to create an easier path for others like her who weren’t just looking for a handout but were looking for a helping hand to lead them the right way. So, with a gap in the market, Blanks Galore has been excelling, and Cassandra Smith has curated a top-class team of experts in every area of business that will hold her students by the hand and help them reach their goal, turning their hobby into a profit.

Through Banks Galore, the entrepreneur has been teaching other creative entrepreneurs how to start their own business, providing them with the necessary tools to emulate similar success. Her branded BG Sublimation Paper, Sublimation Blanks, and her hands-on and virtual sublimation classes are among her tools. 

While Blanks Galore has been influential, Cassandra also had reservations about sharing her knowledge. Business owners are most likely afraid to share their knowledge and resources with people who might utilize their business and become their competitors. The entrepreneur shared the same concerns, but in her experience, Blanks Galore ended up growing even more.

“My biggest revelation was that collaboration over competition is the way to go,” she shared. Cassandra leads by providing value and free gems to make an immediate positive impact, so when she charges her students, they will be confident in getting their money’s worth. “I teach a blueprint that transcends industries and is able to be applied to any field and allows you to take one area of expertise and create several streams of income.”

Cassandra Smith is optimistic about the future of her company. She foresees BG franchises showing up across the globe, making sure the people who want to delve into the industry will have the help needed to start their sublimation business.

Learn more about Cassandra Smith and Blanks Galore by visiting their official website.

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