How ARTBYMRNICE Engages a Global Audience in the Creative Process by Sharing Every Step on Social Media

We can’t praise digitalization enough for opening up endless avenues for people to connect, transact, and express themselves. Thanks to social media, Sony Henty can share his creative process with a global audience which helps inspire other artists and gives people a newfound appreciation for art.

Sony Henty, mostly known as ARTBYMRNICE, is a brand on social media with thousands of followers. Five years ago, he established his art company, Mr. NiCE, and has since grown into a go-to for art inspiration on social media platforms. He explains that when he first stepped into the business world, he didn’t know it would lead to what he is engaged in now.

His first business, BOMANE salon, was a passion project built from the ground up. Due to a lack of resources, Henty had to create art himself to spruce up the space. That served as a eureka moment for him as he took to art and put his best efforts into it. He has since produced art pieces for brands like Invicta watches and Rolling Loud, and for charity organizations like the Tiger Woods Foundation, Fuck Cancer, Shelter to Soldier, among others. He has also worked with celebrities like Kesha, Deontay Wilder, Mads Lewis, and so many more.

ARTBYMRNICE shares a step-by-step reveal of his creative process on his social media platforms before finally uncovering the finished product. This keeps audiences engaged and guessing what the finished art piece will look like. He explains that the anticipation has helped him build an audience as well as enhance his creativity. He also adds that it helped him express his emotions and unlock potential he didn’t know he had.

One of the unique features of his art is the integration of neon into pop art. Henty explains that he is constantly exploring and experimenting with different ideas to grow his craft. Social media and the availability of information online have been a massive help, says ARTBYMRNICE.

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