Horror Film Inspired Lifestyle Brand “Kleaver” Hacks Into the Clothing Industry With a Cult-Like Following

“Fashion-forward with a dark twist”this is the apt description of the rising lifestyle brand and merchandise company given by Derek Dillon, one of the diabolical minds behind the wildly successful “Kleaver.” 

Established in 2011, Kleaver has risen as one of the top clothing brands in the industry. Introducing designs that have left chills running up and down spines, the merchandise company is regarded as a lifestyle by its die-hard, cult-like following.

Kleaver is the brainchild of Spencer Charnas, from the famous metal band “Ice Nine Kills,” and Derek Dillon, of the fresh-faced band “Dead Things.” Together, the musicians launched Kleaver as a shelter for those who thrive in the dark. 

Currently living in Los Angeles, California, Derek Dillon is a serial entrepreneur who has one hand caught in the shadows of his ventures at Kleaver and another in his real estate investment company Dillon Realty Group. While staying on top of his game in the business scene, Derek also carries healthy interest and remarkable talent as a musician.

His up-and-coming band “Dead Things” is expected to break through the water in mid-2021. Joining hands with the brilliant Spencer Charnas from the Forbes-featured “Ice Nine Kills,” Derek has fronted various bands and toured world-selling merchandise for Spencer’s band. The serial entrepreneur’s business instinct and impressive income generation abilities have raked in multiple awards in the touring circuit.

Fueled by a passion for doing more, he dove into kickstarting Kleaver Klothing, the horror clothing brand, with Spencer Charnas.

Based out of Salem, Massachusetts, Kleaver is a haven for uniquely sinister collections that are released on every 27th of the month through the company’s venture “The 27 Club.” Along with thrilling merchandise, the lifestyle brand also drops a short horror film that shines a flashlight on the story behind its latest fashion line.

Satisfying the deepening craving for more products, Derek and Spencer recently expanded the clothing brand to include printing. The newly installed Kleaver INK offers everything from screen printing to T-shirt design—giving aspiring bands, brands, and businesses high-quality custom printed merchandise.

Through Kleaver INK, Derek and Spencer help fellow bands get their hands on flawless products from industry experts that will expand their fanbase and have listeners flocking to their shops.

On its latest venture, Derek reveals that Kleaver has made it its duty to ensure others have access to the best custom-printed merchandise and design services that helped Kleaver and Ice Nine Kills ascend to the top of the food chain.”

He continues, “We didn’t have anyone hold our hand through the process, and that’s why we want to offer it to people starting out.”

Providing value and knowledge unlike no one else, Kleaver and Ice Nine Kills stay at the top of the pyramid. Apex predators of the clothing company willing to pull aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs to their level, Derek Dillon and Spencer Charnas lifestyle brand and merchandise company cradles the hearts of its growing following.

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