Gloria Kloter, the Powerhouse Architect and Interior Designer Guiding Immigrant Aspirants Toward Success

More than anyone else, it is the authorities who rose from humble beginnings and overcame the odds stacked against them that can serve as pillars of support for aspirants coming from the same background and are wishing to achieve success. One such industry leader, who is currently maneuvering others toward the fulfillment of their dreams, is Gloria Kloter, the founder of Glow Architects. As she continues to make waves in the architecture and interior design realm, she hopes to lend a hand to foreign architects in their pursuits.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, this award-winning personality has been licensed to practice her profession as an architect since 2011, but when she moved to the US back in 2015, she found that her license had no validity in America. Starting from scratch was no piece of cake. Not only did she need to have her academic and professional experience verified but Gloria Kloter also had to pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE).

Through it all, she wished she could have been on the receiving end of the support of an established professional and highly-capable mentor. This particular desire evolved into the motivation behind her initiative to mentor immigrant architects. 

On top of serving as a pillar of support for other fellow architects, Gloria Kloter, who is an Architect Licensing Advisor (ALA) for the state of Florida, is the mind behind the rising company Glow Architects. It is an international architecture and interior design studio based in Tampa, Florida that has gained acclaim for its dedication to creating meaningful spaces that creatively and beautifully express its client’s true selves.

At Glow Architects, a team composed of highly capable experts goes the extra mile in considering every need and want of the client and ensuring that they do not come at the expense of breaking one’s bank. “Our design is always about them, not us. We also give them a look at the design process through realistic visualization, effective communication, and transparency,” Gloria Kloter adds.

Shortly after its launch, Glow Architects managed to create a position for itself at the forefront of the industry and it is expected to reach even greater heights in the future. Additionally, it is bound to evolve into a powerhouse under the leadership of Gloria Kloter who is aiming to have her own architectural studio building in the coming years. 

Gloria Kloter is showing no sign of slowing down. Armed with the goal of meeting several financial objectives, snagging more awards, and obtaining more certifications as proof of her skills as an architect and project manager, this emerging household name is not letting up.

As she cements her reputation as an architect and interior designer who knows the latest trends and whose vision is paving a path for other foreign professionals, Gloria Kloter wants to be of help to more aspirants. Wielding the power of her own story of success, she wants to push them toward pursuing their dreams amidst the countless obstacles that may come their way. 

Know more about Gloria Kloter and Glow Architects by visiting her website.

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