Gen Z Entrepreneur Freddy Bunkers Makes It Big with HyperGO

What makes a product truly stand out in the market is if it meets a very common need and has never been done before. Many existing products today are copies of existing brands, but those that make it big are the ones that are original, novel, and very practical. Promising Gen Z entrepreneur Freddy Bunkers did not disappoint when he developed HyperGo, a full body wipe with his EcoNourish™ ingredient blend, which he created when he was only 15 years old.

Now a rising 21 year-old in the world of business, Freddy is attracting a lot of attention for the 12″ x 12″ wipes that clean the whole body. It is perfect for athletes, employees who bike to work, active students, and people on the go. Additionally, it combines an exciting set of all-natural ingredients, including aloe, vitamin E, oatmeal, and honey, to clean, nourish, and moisturize the skin. It does not only remove sweat and dirt, but it also effectively nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and revitalized all day long. 

“Our wipes are built with 100% biodegradable vegetable fibers that decompose, reducing the impact on our environment. We use a unique embossing technique to manufacture our wipes that makes them ultra soft and durable, providing the best possible full body clean for your busy life,” revealed Freddy. 

HyperGo’s Full Body Wipes allow users to clean their bodies anytime, wherever they may be. It is easy to store and can be simply stored inside the car, a child’s backpack, a purse, or a desk at work. It is a convenient and ingenious solution that saves people time. 

Freddy Bunkers is not only a very promising entrepreneur but is also an author and motivational speaker who has been touching lives through his messages. In December 2020, he released his first book titled No Desk, No Stress, an account of how he established his ventures without having to be chained to a desk. Freddy is also the co-founder of Oakwell Inc., the start-up company behind wellness brands such as Fysik, Apouch, and Hello Buddy. Having achieved so much at a very young age, he only hopes to motivate more people his age to confidently pursue their dreams and ideas. 

“I seek to inspire those who have always felt that they wanted to start a business but didn’t know how to or were too nervous to begin. I am here to show that it is possible. I also attribute HyperGo’s success to our clear messaging and brand voice,” Freddy shared. “I created a product that stemmed from a real, personal need. And it turns out, this was needed by thousands of others as well. I truly believe that customers can tell when a brand is genuine and not a commercialized machine,” he added.

HyperGo and the full body wipes are just one of what would potentially be many of Freddy’s ventures in the near future, with the rate that he is going. Unafraid to explore possibilities and take risks, he has the makings of a business mogul that can influence how people think and live their lives.

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