Fitness Trainer Ryan Harden Shares How Mental Health Is Crucial for Physical Fitness

Most people see physical and mental health as two different aspects. But for fitness trainer and coach Ryan Harden, they’re intertwined. Accordingly, he works to improve both aspects by creating programs that treat them as one, providing lessons, plans, and strategies to approach health and wellness holistically.

Ryan Harden is a 30-year-old personal trainer, online coach, and High-Intensity Interval Training instructor passionate about training with the mind, body, and spirit connection as a priority. He treats workouts as a form of focused meditation, emphasizing hypertrophy and execution. “Aside from diet and sleep, stress reduction and mental health are also crucial,” shares Ryan about what makes his programs so effective. “Remember mind controls the body, so I enjoy seeing more people focus on that. That’s why it’s best to stick with basic bread-and-butter movements and do them over time correctly and consistently for the best results. Only then can you get fancy down the road.”

Growing up in Danville, Illinois, with his four siblings and their mother, Ryan had a strong sense of responsibility for their family for most of his adulthood and even early on. His passion for fitness is what kept him going. That journey began when he started working at the local nutrition store as a teen, exposing him too much of his learnings and love for the craft. Later, Ryan worked at al gym under an accomplished bodybuilder. 

Ryan balanced his commitment to fitness throughout his adolescence while participating in other activities like football, theater, and even the choir. While attending the University of Kentucky, he studied Dietetics while working at an in-patient hospital for the mentally ill. Ryan has also appeared in several print and online media outlets, including Muscle and Fitness magazine, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on TV, and many news articles online. 

When working with Ryan, his clients get one-on-one tailored programs created with their goals in mind. There are also weekly check-ins to ensure everything is going according to plan and ongoing support from a coach who understands what it takes to succeed. 

Ryan also makes custom meal plans based on his clients’ goals and dietary preferences. He also believes custom-made workout program that fits one’s goals and is based on readily-available equipment is the most effective way to achieve one’s fitness goals. Accordingly, that’s the type of program the fitness expert creates for people who want to improve their overall wellbeing.

As a coach, it is essential for Ryan that his clients have access to him whenever they have questions or need that little extra motivation. Accordingly, he commits to walking with people all the way, providing as much support as possible, training the mind and soul as much as the body.