Erica Groussman: Turning a Passion for Wellness into Profitable Products

Many children dream of what they’ll do when they grow up. Some wanted to be an astronaut or even royalty. Others dreamed of running a business or playing professional sports. While many children grow up, get a job, and become parents. However, many people get lucky and turn their hobbies into a business and succeed. Some are even lucky enough to be parents while running a successful business.

A woman in South Florida, Erica Groussman, has reached the jackpot. She is the founder and CEO of Molluscum Away, an all-natural patch treatment for Molluscum, and TRUWOMEN, a clean, organic, and plant-based nutrition bar that tastes delicious. Not only is she a successful founder and CEO, but she is also a wife and a mom to two children, who inspired her to start her businesses.

When Erica was shopping for healthy snacks for herself and her family, she found a nutritional hole in the market. She couldn’t find a snack that brands made with clean ingredients that also taste good. She decided to create a nutrition bar that was plant-based, organic, and made with whole ingredients. The flavors are all inspired of classic desserts with cute names, like smother fudger peanut butter, Oh Oh Cookie dough, and daydreaming about donut. Creating and running this business has to lead her to become a wellness entrepreneur.

Her children inspired her again to create her second business, Molluscum Away. When one of her children contracted molluscum, she tried almost every remedy under the sun. Unfortunately, it left her child with awful side effects. When her second kid got molluscum, she decided to create her treatment, which lead her to develop patches and an ointment to treat molluscum and other rashes.

Wellness is essential to Erica in her business and her personal life. Outside of work, Erica loves to get out and keep moving, even while she’s working. She also does her best to keep a consistent schedule. “I try to start my day bright and early with a workout, then wake the kids, get them ready for the day and off to school. I then check my work calendar to start checking off my items for the day,” said Groussman. “I also can’t start my day without drinking my Celsius. Not only is it healthy, but it’s energizing, and it tastes great”.

Erica incorporates wellness into all parts of her life and wants to motivate others to do the same. “Wellness is for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be hard to incorporate into your life. Research the ingredient list, find healthy recipes your whole family can make, and do your best to get your whole family involved. Learning about wellness is extremely important, so I’m trying to teach my kids now so they can learn as much as they can”. Erica has turned her passion for wellness into her career and has been highly successful.

For Erica, being a wellness entrepreneur has changed her life for the better. She’s proved that wellness is easily attainable while being all-natural and can also taste delicious. Being a mom and a CEO is a hard job, but having overall health makes the job much easier.