Eric Martel Shares the Secret to Financial Freedom in His New Book, Stop Trading Your Time for Money

The race to financial freedom is imminent as many people focus on diversifying their income and save for future goals. One of the best ways to make a stable and lucrative income is by investing in real estate. However, making an investment in real estate can be tricky without the proper guidance. To this end, Eric Martel is taking the reins and mentoring people on how to invest their income, achieve financial freedom and save for future generations. 

Eric Martel is a real estate investor, speaker, and author of Stop Trading Your Time for Money, an informative how-to guide for the middle class to achieve financial freedom and leave a legacy for future generations.

In his book, Eric shared, “We are at the point of a massive retirement crisis, that is not new, the movement to shift the retirement risk to the employees started decades ago. The middle class is also facing wage stagnation and a lack of upward mobility. The high unemployment, the pandemic, and the economic uncertainty will dramatically magnify these challenges.”

To this end, he’s curated his book with vital lessons about money that go above and beyond the school’s curriculum—the secret on how to actually attain financial freedom on an average income. Readers are given tools and templates to help them get started on their journey. 

Eric Martel is more than an entrepreneur. His career success in the industry has given him qualifications as an expert advisor. At age 18, the trailblazing entrepreneur started his foray into real estate when he purchased his first apartment building while studying at university. After graduation, he slid into his professional role as an actuary. However, he was dismayed by the strong current of companies shifting the retirement risk towards employees. This experience left him questioning conventional beliefs about retirement savings entirely. 

For the next few years, Eric left the real estate industry to try his hand at  other sectors, but his passion for real estate brought him back to the industry. Determined to be the change he desired to see, he founded MartelTurnkey, a real estate company that seeks out distressed properties in economically viable markets across the country. By fully rehabilitating those properties and getting tenants in them, the company sells the refurbished homes to people looking to invest in real estate.

“We fully rehab those properties, put a property manager and tenant in place and then sell at a profit as turnkey rentals to real estate investors. There are no hidden charges,” the company’s website explained.

To go above and beyond, Eric also runs a mentorship program to craft a personalized strategy for his mentees based on their strength and capabilities. By guiding them through the process of their own success, Eric’s method helps them define their goals to stay focused on attaining financial freedom for future generations. 

In the coming years, Eric Martel is set on spreading the ease of financial freedom and helping everyone experience a turnaround in their income.

Learn more about Eric Martel and his company MartelTurnkey by visiting the company’s website or visit his page. You can also follow Eric on Instagram and TikTok.