Elizabeth Davis Answers the Need for Vegan Hair Care Products Through Her Global Brand Shedavi

Maintaining one’s hair can often be a nuisance as people’s hair types can differ. Some are more careful about choosing their product and properties, while others just pick out whatever they find available. When Elizabeth Davis created a product line that could answer people’s needs with natural ingredients, she decided to share her work with the rest of the world, creating Shedavi and turning it into a multi-million-dollar haircare empire.

Shedavi was created in 2016 and went on to take the haircare industry by storm. The brand is the result of founder Elizabeth Davis’ obsession with growing out long, luscious, and healthy hair. Before she replicated her products with teams, Davis made lotions, potions, and products in her home’s kitchen. She experimented with different protective hairstyles for a time, and when her progress started to show, family and friends began asking for bottles.

Initially a construction engineer, her routine started at four in the morning before she went to work her day job and then continued to burn the midnight oil. With her product becoming popular among her family and peers, Davis was inspired to pursue her passion and shifted her career from construction engineering to hair care.

Elizabeth Davis made the switch because she saw the effects her products had and how they could fill the void for plant-based hair care. Naming her brand Shedavi, Davis designed the company to provide natural, botanically-based holistic hair, skin, and nail products for people of all hair-types around the world.

Shedavi helps people navigate hair with little to no representation in vegan products, a problem Davis encountered. For years, she wore a relaxed style but struggled in growing out her hair. It was difficult looking for vegan products that suited her needs. Eventually, Davis learned the best protective styles, concoctions, and routines that led her to create the company. Shedavi’s mission is to create a lifestyle for its customers.

The Shedavi brand is a lifestyle brand where people embrace holistic choices in every aspect of living. With that said, Davis constructed a community for her customers through newsletters, blogs, and social media. Her Facebook group, Shedavi SheHive, is a space that allows people to talk about products and share style tips, success stories, frustrations, and support, making her brand stand out from others. Additionally, the ingredients that Davis uses helps separate Shedavi from other brands. Shedavi never includes synthetic compounds or fillers when produced in FDA-regulated facilities using over forty carefully sourced ingredients from different areas around the world.

Since its creation five years ago, Shedavi has grown to become an empire in the hair care industry. Elizabeth Davis has never been more grateful for the choices she made and the support that carried her throughout her journey. She foresees her brand, delving into other areas like skin, body, beauty, and wellness for consumers from different cultures and walks of life. This year, Shedavi is set to release a couple of new beauty products with gripping campaigns to help their consumers reach their ultimate health goals from head to toe.

Learn more about Elizabeth Davis and Shedavi by visiting Shedavi’s official website. You can also find the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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