Dr. David Greenwald, Co-Founder and Neurosurgeon at Comprehensive MD, on Connecting with Customers through Inspiring and Innovative Treatments

Achieving mastery in his field every day, Dr. David Greenwald, Co-founder and Neurosurgeon at Comprehensive MD, understands the importance of providing life-changing treatments to patients in neurosurgery and making profound connections for those seeking a life free of pain. With the challenging task of caring for diseases of the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves, he utilizes the fascinating complexity of their anatomy along with surgical skills to treat customers and develop meaningful relationships that result in long-lasting experiences to look back on. 

To support his work, Dr. Greenwald relies on state-of-the-art technology to perform the most meticulous yet remarkable operations for patients with various conditions. “I utilize motion-sparing technology in both the neck and back. This is called total disc arthroplasty and I can approach the spine through anterior, lateral, and/or posterior corridors. This allows me to accurately target treatment of pathology, whether it be the disc or facet based, from the skull to the sacrum,” he shares.

Together with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Nestor Javech, Dr. Greenwald finds comfort in strategic partnerships that significantly cater to client needs. This includes a strong foundation, a compatible associate, and a comprehensive product to deliver complete services successfully. Performing spinal surgery alongside additional services of general orthopedic surgery and interventional pain management, the result of a thriving practice such as Comprehensive MD is shown through satisfied customers and the thoughtful connection accompanying every encounter. “It is important that our patients understand and believe that we are more motivated by the successful outcomes of their care rather than the money we receive to provide that care. This requires that you treat each patient individually and not on some formulaic basis,” he adds. This embodies the passion and lasting dedication from Dr. Greenwald who always approaches work with a patient-first mentality.

As well, the touching experiences and most unique medical cases continue to leave a mark on Dr. Greenwald, even after thousands of performed surgeries. “One case that particularly stands out was a patient in their 30s who had been seen by several doctors with no favorable outcome.

After meeting with him and noting the hormonal imbalances he presented, I soon realized that he likely had a brain tumor in the pituitary region. He turned out to have a large tumor called a craniopharyngioma which I was able to successfully remove. The tumor was gone and the patient was able to return to normal life,” he shares. With efforts such as these, Dr. Greenwald’s upstanding reputation and the impact he leaves on so many prove to be enduring in the life of not only his patients but himself.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Greenwald continues to serve as an influential figure in medicine and as a successful entrepreneur in his field. Considering this, he is always happy to provide encouraging words for aspiring practitioners who find themselves in a cross-section of their journey to entrepreneurship.It is important to prioritize good medicine and surgical outcomes above all other aspects of your business,” he states. Placing the efforts of life-changing treatments in high regard, Dr. Greenwald looks to uphold the client experience while maintaining relationships with patients that continue to keep the vision of his practice alive.

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