Dozzy Ross Shares Challenges You May Face When You Open a Restaurant

Dozzy Ross Shares Some Challenges to Help Restaurants Survive in the Dynamic World Today!

Dozzy Ross, owner of Savorwynwood, shares his intellect with the millennials, “Stay focused. The fewer people you have around, the better it is most of the time. Be family-oriented. Family is what drives me, you and most of us—to stay inspired. We’re raising kings. The goal is generational wealth.” He further discusses some challenges faced by most of the people who own restaurants or cafes.


Improper staff leads to inconsistent service, countless hours wasted on new employee training, and a potentially damaging reputation for your establishment. The top reasons for restaurant employee turnover may cause a shift in career type, different work objectives than what is expected, and disagreements with the management/customers. Not far behind that, surveyed employees—most of them lack training and behavioural skills when they deal with customers.

Finding and retaining employees that are good and skillful is a hard game to play these days. This is a major pain point for restaurant owners—scheduling, providing benefits options, pay, opportunities for upward mobility may help in employee retention.

Unknown Cash Flow

It might sound crazy, but it often happens that the restaurant is unaware of the status of their cash flow. Pay close attention to your expenditures in and out, which is imperative for the survival of your restaurant. This means you have to assess your cash in and out flow on a regular basis—every week probably. You ought to have an understanding of what income and expenses you can expect.

Inventory Management

Good ingredients make good food, and it is one of the main attractions to any restaurant. However, it also means it has to stay at the top of your priority list. Find the best resources where you can get the freshest ingredients at the best prices. Run inventory on a weekly basis and ensure your perishables are refreshed and to keep track of what is and isn’t flying off the menu. Understand how much you’re spending on ingredients, how much is being wasted, and what’s not selling.

Item Pricing

Pricing out items can be a major pain point if you’re not sure what’s selling or what’s not in season. For example, the price of mangoes change based on their season, and so will your restaurant’s flagship mango dessert will cost more during certain parts of the year. This will ensure you always keep your price in check and adjust your menu to accommodate for the increased cost. However you decide to price your items, including making selected items the same price year-round to attract customers. It’s imperative that you eliminate costly errors through miscalculations.

The best entrepreneurial tip you can take in life and in business from Dozzy Ross, restaurant owner of Savorwynwood is to “be yourself” and adapt dynamically. This was demonstrated by Dozzy with their latest venture, which exhibits Afro-Caribbean food cuisine. To know more about Dozzy Ross’s entrepreneurial journey and his Afro-Caribbean cuisine based restaurant Savorwynwood, check out Savorwynwood’s Instagram.

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