DJ Prosperity Collaborates with Kdot to Create VII, a Classic Album

Morgan Moore (known by her professional name DJ Prosperity) is a professional Disc Jockey, singer, songwriter, and producer from Houston, TX. She is best known for her delivery and fusion of different instrumentals, sounds, groovy rhythms, and an overall chill vibe. With experience running well over 20 years in instrumentation, Prosperity has developed a remarkable ability to select melodic sounds and instruments that are an excellent fit for musical compositions.

Prosperity derives her unique music styles from Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, and Pop influences. Growing up, Prosperity always showed her interest in music, and at the age of nine, she performed in a talent show by performing songs of artists such as Whitney Houston, who she regards as her inspiration. Tony Braxton, Donell Jones, Kdot, and J Cole are some of her other sources of inspiration and other artists such as Jill Scott, Frank Beverly, and Jagged Edge over the years.

While in the school band, she played saxophone through high school, after which she took up the keyboards and began playing, recording, and performing music. Prosperity creates music with a unique feel and sound, which thankfully is all thanks to her musical background and extensive music expertise. According to her, the consistent practice has greatly helped her during her career. In her words, “That’s how I was able to get my sound by practicing all the time.”

Prosperity collaborates with Keithan Randall (known by his professional name Kdot), another Houston artist, whom she has known since her High School marching band days for the fans’ listening pleasure and to bring out a fresh and new style of music and sound. With this collaboration, which is their first project together, Prosperity and Kdot will be combining their musical mastery on a joint album. The album is titled “VII” due to the number of tracks that made it to the final product, though initially intended to contain ten tracks. The album is a combination of RnB/Urban, Pop music. The majority of their music chords/keys inspired the artist to freestyle on top of illustrious drums. And they feel that the younger generation and older would love and get a feel and taste of our melodic tones.

On what separates her from her competition, Prosperity said, “All of our music productions are original. We would say that not selling our products or services for the intended use could be detrimental to oneself. Words are powerful, and the way you use them can either negatively impact or positively. Music in itself is its language, which people can use to express how they feel by using variations of sounds and tones.

DJ Prosperity’s latest collaboration with Kdot represents a new generation of singers, songwriters, and producers from HTX introducing eclectic urban sound, intending to make instrumental and energetic, fun, and lively music. “We feel that people would easily be able to gravitate to our select sound. We have not allowed anyone to record on our music because we don’t want just any lyrics associated along with our products.” She said.

To learn more about DJ Prosperity, visit her website, or connect with her on social media via Instagram.

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