Darrin Moore – Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Darrin Moore - Director of Revenue Cycle Management
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Darrin Moore, based in Texas is a highly accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in business operations management, operations support, and office administration. He has built a distinguished career driving organizational growth and productivity through his expertise in streamlining office operations, implementing process improvements, and delivering exceptional customer service. Moore holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration & Management from North Harris County Community College, Texas.

Currently serving as the Director of Revenue Cycle Management at Brio Revenue Cycle Management since March 2021, Moore has been instrumental in managing team performance within the revenue cycle department. His role encompasses a wide array of responsibilities, including overseeing account management, communications with insurance providers, collections, cash posting, contract analysis, billing, claims processing, denials, and appeals. Moore is also responsible for supporting the billing and collections team, providing assistance with healthcare reimbursement procedures, and overseeing all business operations to ensure streamlined workflows and significant process improvements.

Prior to his current role, Moore was the Managing Partner and Director of Revenue Cycle Management at AudxMD in Houston, TX, from January 2007 to March 2021. Here, he managed day-to-day business operations, including client relations, provider enrollment, medical billing, coding, collections, posting, and financial analysis. Moore also played a key role in developing and managing KPI reports for over 250 physician clients, driving revenue, success, and productivity.

At InterMed Health Associates, Houston, Texas, from February 2005 to July 2015, Moore served as Managing Partner and Manager of Revenue Recovery. He worked closely with TDI and Commercial Insurance Carriers to resolve contract disputes and underpayments, enforcing State Prompt Pay laws, and recovered millions in lost insurance revenue from zero balance accounts.

Moore’s comprehensive experience also includes his work with PPO Check, focusing on retrospective hospital claim audits, collections, managed care contract review, and prompt pay enforcement.

His core competencies include business operations management, accounting and financial solutions, healthcare reimbursement, process improvement, auditing, billing, collections, networking/IT support, revenue cycle management, reporting and analytics, customer service excellence, teamwork and collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and proficiency in MS Office.

Darrin Moore’s career is a testament to his dedication to excellence in the field of revenue cycle management, underscored by his commitment to driving performance, enhancing productivity, and fostering positive client relationships.

Interview with Darrin Moore, Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Good morning, Darrin. Thank you for joining us today. With over two decades in the field of revenue cycle management, you’ve undoubtedly seen many changes. Could you start by telling us about your journey in this field?

Certainly. I began my career focused on executive-level administrative support within billing, collections, and contracting. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills in overseeing business operations and administrative strategies, which has significantly contributed to enhancing performance and productivity in various organizations I’ve worked with.

Impressive! What would you say are the key highlights of your career so far?

One of the main highlights is developing and managing KPI reports that significantly drove revenue for clients. I’ve also spearheaded day-to-day operations to boost efficiency and productivity. Additionally, devising and implementing organizational policies and procedures has been a crucial part of my role, especially in identifying improvement gaps and executing corrective measures.

That’s quite a comprehensive range. How do you approach prioritizing tasks and collaborating with senior management?

Prioritization is key in my field. I focus on aligning tasks with organizational goals and ensuring seamless workflows. Collaboration with senior management involves clear communication and understanding their expectations, which helps in implementing effective strategies for the organization’s success.

You have an extensive background in various roles. Can you tell us more about your roles at PPO Check, InterMed Health, AudxMD, and Brio Revenue Cycle Management?

At PPO Check, as the RCM AR Manager, and at InterMed Health, as the Manager of Revenue Recovery, my roles were primarily focused on managing revenue cycle processes and recovery strategies. As the Director of Revenue Cycle Management at AudxMD and Brio Revenue Cycle Management, my responsibilities broadened to overseeing the entire revenue cycle, ensuring optimal performance and profitability.

It sounds like you’ve made a significant impact in each of these roles. Outside of work, what are some of your interests?

I’ve been a member of USA Racquetball for 20 years. It’s a great way to stay active and unwind.

It’s important to have such balance. Finally, what motivates you in your career, and what are your future aspirations?

My motivation comes from the challenge of maximizing revenue and productivity through effective strategies and team collaboration. As for the future, I aim to continue contributing to this field, perhaps exploring newer technologies and methodologies that can further enhance revenue cycle management.

Thank you, Darrin, for sharing your insights with us. Your experience and dedication are truly inspiring.

Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure discussing my experiences and perspectives.

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