Dante Weston, Co-Founder of Donaldson & Weston, Discusses the Tools to Make a Lasting Impact on the Legal Industry

For Dante Weston, Co-Founder of Donaldson and Weston, protecting the rights of others is accomplished in more than one way. From pursuing verdicts for personal injury law clients to overseeing a high-caliber team, making a difference starts with the tools that make this possible. Through a healthy work-life balance, care, and quality customer service, Weston is making a life-changing impact in and out of the legal industry.

Alongside partner, Scott Donaldson, Weston and his team work to enact change by accepting cases best suited to their firm. “If there’s a slight and mild chance of a positive result, we accept them,” he explains. While the field of law can be challenging to navigate, Weston’s team strives to ensure each case is capable of success. “We have to draw the line and make sure we exclusively handle cases that are viable in hopes of getting a victory for the clients,” he says. This kind of approach is vital for effective client outcomes with decision-making that varies from case to case.

Despite current trends that work against individual clients, Weston leans on his team’s positive results as a driving force for change, no matter the obstacle. “Through my 15 years of experience, practicing exclusively in personal injury law, individual rights have been getting reduced,” he says. This is encouraging for law firms and clients who are in desperate need of assistance during the most challenging times in life. “The trend is not usually on the individual, consumer, or citizen side. It does excite me that we’ve been able to continue to get amazing results for our clients, despite those trends,” he adds. This includes an improvement in results that continue to be seen for the firm.

Among the various cases he has encountered, Weston’s proudest day of his professional life continues to impact him and future possibilities for the legal industry. “I represented an 18-year-old, who was injured in a motor vehicle accident. He became our client became a quadriplegic and we were able to get results that weren’t just impressive but would ensure he would be taken care of for the rest of his life,” he shares. Living with his client as an attorney and friend, Weston further explains the true meaning of helping someone who is at their lowest. “Being able to do something for him when life just changed for the absolute worst and get him heading in the right direction with a silver lining on a very dark cloud was my proudest moment.”

To cultivate success in the office, Weston values a healthy work-life balance that allows him and his team to thrive on the outside. “I always tell both my partner and staff that work is a marathon, not a sprint,” he states. While work can require long days of time and effort, Weston understands that success can only happen if every area of life is in good standing. “There are times when we need to push hard and work over 40 hours a week. However, we need to make sure we have our health, work-life balance, family, and our happiness,” he says. This mentality goes a long way, especially when defending the lives and liberties of others.

Together with a healthy work-life balance, care, and top-notch customer service, Weston continues to rely on the tools that to be successful and enact change for clients. “The first step is making sure our clients know we care for them. We treat everyone as a gift, it is part of our proven process, and we will not accept or tolerate anything else.”

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