Danny B Makes Waves in the Beauty Industry with Eat Beauty Makeup

Despite the damaging effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on the global economy, certain businesses continued to thrive, including the beauty industry—a surprising reality considering that the majority of the people are not seen without their masks. Contrary to popular belief, the beauty industry is resilient and evolving, so it comes as no shock that it remains one of the most lucrative businesses to date. Of course, like most businesses, it takes a certain kind of hustle to get recognized in this industry, and only a handful outside the giant corporations can ever be considered a success—one of these is Eat Beauty.

Eat Beauty was launched by licensed esthetician and cosmetologist Danielle Brown, better known as Danny B in 2014. Her primary focus is  make-up, but she also provides services and products for  hair and skin. 

In addition to  luxury beauty services, Eat Beauty also provides several handmade products, including body scrubs, skin oils, hair oils, facial scrubs, and lip conditioners. Danny B recently launched her signature LipSting line of lip care  products that includes liquid lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liners, lip balms, scrubs, and more.

Danny B started her career in the beauty industry eight years ago, but her journey was not all sunshine and rainbows. Before getting her big break, she had to brave and overcome several challenges that tested her as an entrepreneur, a person, and a parent. The motivation to build her brand stems from her being a single parent to two boys, who live with autism and ADHD, respectively. 

Danny B’s determination, dedication, and drive has powered her journey. Along the way, she’s worked with celebrated artists, including Stevie Wonder, Shelia E, and the late Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Danny B’s experience with these celebrities fueled her desire to give her clients the same luxury pampering that any celebrity would receive. 

“What separates me from my competition is the fact that I am licensed as a cosmetologist and an esthetician, and I have experience working with multiple high-profile clientele,” Danny B shares.

In a few years, she hopes to franchise her brand in multiple states across the country and have the opportunity to impart her wisdom, knowledge, and experiences to aspiring entrepreneurs like her. Additionally, she aspires to have her products on store shelves like Sephora and Ulta, further expanding her business. 

To learn more about Danny B and Eat Beauty, check out her website.

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