Dani Stephenson and Straight Forward Giving Are Pushing the Envelope of Philanthropy in the Entertainment Industry

Music is a powerful storytelling vehicle that can motivate audiences and change the world for the better. It is such a concrete example of how art can move the hearts of many people, and Dani Stephenson has managed to take that step even further by creating a support system that helps millions of people in need with the power of music, film, and education.

Dani Stephenson officially founded Straight Forward Giving to help others by educating and inspiring underprivileged communities in the United Kingdom as well as the rest of the world. The esteemed music mogul has been the  driving  force  behind  launching  a  new  charity  initiative  called .ComUnity which also aims to push the envelope of philanthropy.

Initially known as Daniel Stephenson, Dani is the founder and president of Straight Forward Music Group, which is a company that has garnered many accolades within the music and film industry. Dani’s company is a multi-platinum, multi Grammy-Award, Brit Award, BET Award, Mercury Award, Soul Train Music Award, Q Award, ASCAP Award, BMI Award, Brit Asia Award, BBC Future Sound Award, Variety Award, Billboard Award, American Music Award and MOBO Award-winning entertainment company founded in 2009.

He has worked on a variety of successful campaigns, such as Diddy Dirty Money, whose album The Last Train to Paris via Bad Boy Records was a global phenomenon. The renowned music mogul also worked on the record breaking albums by Drake “More Life” and “Scorpion” as well as Big Sean’s platinum single “Marvin & Chardonnay,” featuring Kanye West and Roscoe Dash. These are only a few of the many achievements that Dani has under his belt.

His latest philanthropic endeavour, ComUnity aims to become a fun, exciting and mystical world for aspiring youth to immerse themselves in. However, behind all the glitz and glamor of the project, there is a serious message at the core. Ever since the inception of Dani Stephenson’s Straight Forward Giving, he always had a simple vision in mind: “To help create a united, equal world free from poverty, domestic abuse, and crime through the power of education, music, and film. One community at a time.”

Ultimately, the .ComUnity mission is to create an open-source one-stop- shop for key educational information, assets, and courses. Dani Stephenson also hopes to grow his company’s educational workshops, seminars, and charity programs nationwide to meet people face to face as the global pandemic slowly settles.

“A key driver that will start to turn the tide on youth turning to crime in underprivileged communities is by eradicating the stereotypical approach industries have in recruiting staff without bachelor degrees,” explained Dani Stephenson. “We should start empowering the next generation from all backgrounds and communities no matter what qualifications someone

has. It’s important that we start installing confidence in the youth and make them realize that they have the power to achieve anything in life and that they have the same opportunities no matter the upbringing or background” he added.

He firmly believes that education is the great equalizer, and no matter if a person has a Bachelor’s Degree or not, they should not be treated any differently. Dani Stephenson’s noble and charitable efforts are deeply rooted in his passion for inspiring and helping others. It is clear to see that he has the heart and he has the mind to truly make a difference in our world today.

Join Dani Stephenson in his quest to help improve our society by checking out his company’s official website www.straightfwdgiving.org

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