Criss Bellini Combines Traditional and Digital Art to Create Phenomenal Designs

Emerging visual artist Criss Bellini is more than just an out-of-the-box thinker. He thinks like there is no box at all. When it comes to his art, he prioritizes authenticity and originality, allowing his creative hands to flow from his otherworldly mind. As he combines traditional and digital art to appeal to a growing audience, he is breaking barriers and produces extraordinary designs that come with exclusivity. 

All of his exceptional artworks are available on his personal website and cannot be sourced anywhere else. Although his studio is based in Sweden, he would rather lead art enthusiasts to his personal site where they can choose conveniently at the comfort of their homes regardless of the country where they come from. Mostly, Criss Bellini creates hand-painted artworks on canvas using acrylic paint and mixed media. They are then photographed professionally and printed. 

By collaborating his acrylic painting with impressive digital features, he is able to enhance his work remarkably, adding value to the meaning and message of his creations. Art enthusiasts still get the feel of traditional hand-painted artwork with an added flare. Once hung on the wall, Bellini’s artworks are an instant eye candy that awakens the senses. The thriving artist is very proud to reveal that he only uses high-quality materials.

While Criss Bellini does not offer one original artwork at a time, he continues to thrive in producing multiple pieces of each work. Each design is an impressive combination of motivation and the artist’s perception of street culture. He is best known for using iconic pieces as his inspiration and gives them a modern-day vibe, penetrating an art niche that appeals to countless people from around the world. Interestingly, each piece comes in 250 pieces and can only be availed while supplies are available on Bellini’s website. 

Criss Bellini’s motivation to develop his personal brand as a visual artist comes from the truth that he only wants to offer art enthusiasts authentic pieces that they can be proud to display on their walls. He wants to offer people something rare, a genuine product from his creative mind that has the ability to inspire and open the eyes of people. 

“I was tired of choosing between cheap posters and overpriced artworks, so I found a middle ground. Many of us don’t like the feeling of buying something so personal that’s mass-produced, so by doing my own original artwork and only offering my art in limited edition designs on my website, I can bring you unique and affordable wall art that stands out from the mass productions, while maintaining the feeling of exclusivity,” explains Criss Bellini. 

Criss Bellini is an anonymous artist who works behind a mask. His masks signify the masks we each wear each day. As an artist, he does not explain the meaning of his works. Instead, he lets the audience decide. Criss did not have a cushy life growing up,  as he grew up in the ghetto and fled a war. He takes his inspiration from hip-hop culture, and he states he will always take inspiration from there. He has received endless reviews, and though he started making art in January 2020, he has made a million dollars in his first year.

As he continues to advocate his brand of art, Bellini wants to inspire young people to never give up on their dreams no matter what obstacles they encounter in life. As someone who has had to run away from war and end up in a completely new country without any luxuries, Bellini has made numerous realizations in life. These include pursuing one’s dreams passionately despite the odds. 

In the coming years, Criss Bellini sees himself popularizing his works in the U.S. aside from Europe. He looks forward to doing future collaborations with big brand names such as Louis Vuitton. 

Find out more about Criss Bellini by visiting his website. Visit his Facebook and Instagram account for updates on his latest projects. 

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