Creating Favors Helps Independent Comic Publishers Thrive on Digital Platforms

Photo Credit: David H. Jenkins 

The dawn of the digital age has transformed people’s interest in a pivotal way, affecting various industries significantly, including the comic publication business. With digital platforms overtaking traditional publications such as hardbound books and paperback comic books in an overwhelming manner, there is a pressing need for these companies to step up their game, or else they get left behind. Creating Favors, a thriving digital marketing agency that caters specifically to the comic book industry, is helping comic book publishers thrive during this challenging season through effective digital marketing initiatives. 

The digital marketing company has been working closely with comic book retailers, comic book stores, independent comic publishers, comic book publishers, sci-fi conventions, grading companies, and e-commerce comic book stores for the past years. Helping them brave the digital world to create a strong online presence for their brand has been life-altering for many business owners. Creating Favors is not just helping them survive; it is helping them reawaken interest in comic books and educate future generations about their magical impact on countless lives over the years. 

Apart from the digital marketing needs of its clients, the company also offers website development services, website design and re-design, and SEO services. Every initiative is carefully designed to help clients get a bigger slice of the $1.21 billion comic book industry. Creating Favors understands what it takes for a small player to make it to the big leagues. 

Founder DeVon Favors is an expert when it comes to passive growth, harnessing technology, social media marketing, web and mobile application development; and he is also a passionate and undeniable comic fan since the age of seven years old. As an adult, he has subscribed to over 50 comic books per month, making him a fan with a huge collection to show for his undying love for comic books. 

Favors has more than ten years of incomparable experience where it concerns graphic and web design. Web development and digital marketing are also two of his strongest attributes as a professional. He formed the Creating Favors favors team with a clear vision in mind, and he has the perfect manpower to back up his objectives, from copywriters to experienced marketers, UX/UI experts, developers, and designers. Helping businesses communicate their brand effectively to the rest of the world is the beating heart of the organization. 

“I have watched several agencies and developers leave some retail industry leaders’ websites untouched for over ten years, which hurts the user experience over time,” Favors reveals. “A website template is fine, but does it look like everyone else’s website? Does it fit your business theme? How easy is it for you to update content, and does that content translate to social media? Are you running ads for all the overstock issues and artwork? Those are some things Creating Favors can identify plus more,” he adds.

The company’s highly personalized and client-centric approach to doing its business guarantees that businesses benefit from a well-designed website and landing pages built especially to fortify their brand. Creating Favors also takes care of clients’ SEO needs and trains their team to improve their organic visibility across several search engines and manage content as well. By helping businesses fight their battles strategically, they can continue to tell superhero stories effectively for future generations to enjoy. 

Learn more about Creating Favours by visiting its website. Follow the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects.

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