Courtney Casgraux and Her Company GBY BEAUTY Stand Together at the Forefront of Beauty, Art, and Activism

Beauty is a woman’s powerful means of expression. It exudes a level of confidence that can only be achieved with self-empowerment, self-love, and an elegant aesthetic. GBY BEAUTY is all about that, providing beauty services to women everywhere with deft creativity, a keen sense of style, and a passion for fashion to boot.

GBY BEAUTY puts its focus on the core of expansion, art, and activism, making a move to the East Coast with a gallery in the heart of West Chelsea, though the brand has decided to shroud the gallery’s name in mystery to put its ever-loyal fans at the tip of their toes. The massively successful beauty company has seen many chapters and locations since it was established.

Best friends and co-founders Courtney Casgraux and Kendra Studdert have decided to make the leap into uncharted territories with this latest expansion. This move has always been part of the plan, but both of them are still extremely excited about what the future holds for their company as it aims to serve more women across the United States.

GBY BEAUTY’s inception stems from beauty services, especially in the category of specific treatments such as full-body beautification. The brand has always brought new services to the forefront of the industry, but the goal has always been to consistently expand and not limit the brand to a single service. GBY BEAUTY aims to stand at the forefront of the beauty industry, dominating the market with its high-quality services and its remarkable client experience.

The esteemed beauty company has carefully curated its roster of brand ambassadors and creatives that have not only called GBY BEAUTY the go-to place to be beautified but also their home away from home. “To onlookers, it might seem that those years of friendship developed over time, but the GBY family was carefully created with longevity in mind,” said Courtney.

GBY BEAUTY has often been compared to Andy Warhol’s Factory, as it has been home to many internet starlets, pop culture icons, rising stars, and even current big names. Looking towards the future, Courtney and Kendra have uplifted their current roster of talented brand ambassadors as well as putting the brand’s focus on finding fresh new artists and activists giving them a space to show their works to have their voices be heard.

In line with their vision, the two business experts have enlisted Contemporary Art advisor and dealer Chela Mitchell as their Art Director. Chela has made a name for herself in the art world over the last decade as one of the go-to art advisors for collectors of Contemporary and African American art in Manhattan and DC.

“Chela is a force to be reckoned with. She has talent and exquisite taste for the unfound. She has the artists’ best interests at heart. She plays no games when it comes to protecting her artists, and her name is synonymous in the art world for that reason,” said Courtney.

“As a woman of color, this partnership was a no-brainer for me. Chela is someone that puts talent on the map while being on the map herself,” said Kendra. The future holds so much promise for Courtney and Kendra as they plan on having shows in July, August, and September. In the near future, the two beauty experts hope to dominate the world of fashion, beauty, and cosmetics, and their brand is definitely getting there one step at a time.

To know more about GBY BEAUTY, make sure to check out the company’s official website.

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