The Excellent Customer Support Service at Coastal Kapital

In order for any company to see a high level of success, the way through which it treats each one of its customers is essential.

In fact, no matter what kind of service a specific company offers, there will always be a point in time when the customer in question will need some kind of support, be it with issues with the service or product they have received.

Coastal Kapital understands this too well and, as such, aims to provide the highest level of customer support service possible.

Today, we will jump into how this is handled and what future clients can expect out of the service.

Coastal Kapital’s Customer Support Service

The main goal Coastal Kapital has is to create a one-stop solution through which anyone can find funding for their company and business operations. Coastal Kapital is, as such, committed to long-lasting and prosperous relationships with all of its clients. The ultimate goal is to aid companies with the highest level of support, so they can achieve their bottom-line goals whilst also maintaining an active relationship.

By default, Coastal Kapital features a huge team, and the support service is not lacking in terms of team size either.

By leveraging the power of the services on offer by the company, business owners can gain access to a lot more time, succeed in their targets, will be able to get more done in less time, and not have to worry about hidden fees.

At this point in time, whenever a client has questions or runs into an issue, the Coastal Kapital team is here to assist them and resolve their issue as quickly as possible.

Coastal Kapital Testimonials

One of the best ways through which anyone will be able to gauge the level of customer support, as well as the broader customer experience seen within a company, is by reading some of the testimonials written by real, authentic customers.

Coastal Kapital has a dedicated “About Us” page that features numerous different types of testimonials from some of the customers who have had real-world experience utilizing the funding and overall services on offer by the Coastal Kapital team.

Coastal Kapital is one of the best companies out there. They truly care about their customers and it shows. We have worked with them for many years and can not say enough good things about them! If you are looking for any type of equipment they are your go-to source! They will walk you through the process. They will guide you as to what is best for your company’s needs. We love working with this team!, said Renee Hazard.

However, there are numerous other testimonials as-well, another notable example including Peggy Hajosy’s overall experience with the company, claiming that “I have had the most professional and businesslike association with Coastal Capital Financing. for nine years. In addition to my many years of financing loans, I’ve had the most pleasant experience and personal caring enabling my company to obtain loans and helping to make my company successful. I would highly recommend doing business with Kortney Murray and Coastal Kapital for any company business loans!”

“We’ve done 7 loan deals now with Coastal Kapital now. These deals helped us acquire the trucks and equipment we needed for our upcoming projects. I would definitely recommend Coastal Kapital to anyone.”, said David Romain in another testimonial.

Coastal Kapital can be contacted through email at, a local number at 866-670-7483, or through a variety of different social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Customer Support

The Future of Coastal Kapital

Based on the aforementioned testimonials, the amount of time in which Coastal Kapital has been active within the investment and funding space, and the sheer number of clients who are satisfied with their experience, it is clear that Coastal Kapital is doing something that each of these clients enjoys.

In fact, Coastal Kapital was founded in 2007, and throughout that time, the account executives have amassed relationships with over 150 different programs.

The company offers funding for Equipment Leasing, Business loans, Working Capital and Merchant Processing, Collateral assets, and much more, and all credit types are accepted and welcome.

Additionally, Kortney Murray, the founder of Coastal Kapital, has been featured on numerous news and has made numerous publications, such as Women Gone Wild – The Feminine Guide to Fearless Living and The Top 8 Podcasts of 2022 To Improve Your Interpersonal Skills As A Leader, where she goes a lot more in-depth as to what brings a company to a high level of success, and how anyone, through the right funding, can achieve their goals.

Coastal Kapital does not only provide companies with funding solutions in Equipment Financing, Working Capital, and SBA loans; however, also operates with over 500 dealers on a nationwide level and consistently expands its dealer partner program.

The goal of this expansion and consistent improvement is to always have a solution on offer for any business type, from small businesses to even those that have a long-lasting reputation and standing in the industry, and get anyone accesses to what they need as quickly as possible so that they can invest and grow their business further.

If you want to experience the customer service at Coastal Kapital, contact one of our financing experts today, so you can get a quote and begin your financing journey with ease.