Coach Latasha Brooks Highlights Core Values That Fuels Her Company’s Success

On a mission to help business owners ace government contracts and gain exponential growth in short periods of time, Latasha Brooks, founder and CEO of Coach Brooks Business Consulting, is indeed playing an integral role in today’s industries. With her expertise in corporate training, event planning, and working with the Federal Government, Latasha is a dream to have in one’s team. She is going above and beyond to provide her clients with nothing but positive results.

Latasha is known as the business development consultant behind some of the most successful small businesses in the country. She is also a motivational speaker and a serial entrepreneur, giving her a competitive edge over other mentors and coaches in the field. Latasha is committed to using her God-given wisdom and experience to support her clients and pave the way for their exponential growth, addressing their areas of weaknesses, and supporting their every need through detail and goal-oriented solutions.

Latasha formerly worked the ladders of corporate America, but she built Coach Brooks Business Consulting to be able to have control over her time. She shared how she dreaded choosing between her job and her family all the time while working incorporate. Hence, consultancy and entrepreneurship became her solution and have given her more time with her children.

At Coach Brooks Business Consulting, Latasha has worked with business owners from various industries. Despite having diverse clients, the expert is able to serve them all with grace and precision. Furthermore, the CEO shared that sticking to their core values helps them always see the bigger picture–transparency, professionalism, passion, and support. Without such rooted values, Latasha shares that her company would not be as effective as it is today.

Coach Brooks Business Consulting’s processes, especially in helping clients repair or rebuild their credit report, is deeply rooted in honesty. The systems are simple and accessible at all times. This way, clients can interpret and understand their credit reports easily as Latasha and her team invest significant effort in breaking down the information into nuggets of statements that even novice entrepreneurs would be able to understand.

Furthermore, Latasha and her team of seasoned professionals at Coach Brooks Business Consulting take great pride in their level of expertise. Known as leaders in their industries, the team, led by their CEO, has mentored thousands on financial management. “We aim to give the absolute best experience as you regain your credit score, and our team of experts guarantees just that,” shared Latasha.

Coupled with their expertise in financial management is the team’s passion for their role. Latasha shared that it is not just a job but an experience her team loves going through with their clients to ensure that they are fully equipped with the right tools and skills in their journey.

“Our dedicated team of experts is only an email away. You can rely on us to keep you up to pace with the progress of your credit score, giving you access to updates and insights at all times,” Latasha explained. 

Latasha shared that she is looking forward to her company’s growth in the next five years. The CEO aspires to be seen as one to watch in the business world with her expertise and commitment. She also aims to fully transition from “booked and busy to paid to free.”

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