Clickable Impact Helps Companies Grow Through E-commerce

In today’s fast-paced and hyper-connected digital age, many businesses who capitalize on the power of e-commerce and online marketing have reaped great rewards. But for other companies who struggle to break into the digital atmosphere, guidance is of great value. One marketing agency, Clickable Impact, has been ready and steady in delivering that service to thousands of businesses who want to scale their virtual efforts. 

The Orlando, Florida-headquartered e-commerce growth agency exists for the mission of helping entrepreneurs and companies scale their businesses to unimaginable heights with proven systems and frameworks that have delivered results for their clients at a remarkable success rate. Clickable Impact focuses on helping busy CEOs, business owners, and marketing teams scale their digital marketing efforts and increase business results through online strategies that work. 

While most agencies nowadays focus on growing vanity metrics, Clickable Impact chooses to emphasize numbers that matter. “Growing an e-commerce business is more than just a matter of running ads and generating a few sales each day,” shares the company’s CEO, Caroline Castille. “It takes vision and strategy to build a business to the next level whether that’s the next $10M or $100M.” Clickable Impact has worked with companies in various industries, including businesses selling golf performance products, dancewear products, women’s apparel, high-performance socks, digital products, cleaning products, real estate, and many other products and services.

Caroline is a product of the University of Central Florida and holds double degrees in business finance and Spanish language and literature. She worked as the Operations Manager for Fan Fund and director of investor relations for Florida Angel Nexus, later acquired by Florida Funders. Caroline was instrumental in distributing over $20 million in venture seed capital to 69 Florida-based companies. 

In 2017, she took a leap of faith and started Clickable Impact to support businesses by helping them monetize their online following and create lifelong relationships with their customers. Within two years, the company grew from two to twenty employees and helped hundreds of businesses make eight figures in income and beyond. 

Clickable Impact follows a proven formula of success. The agency brings clients through acquiring customers through their social channels, retaining them through email and SMS marketing techniques, and expanding their client base by growing new platforms. The company specializes in running Facebook ads, managing over $150M in client revenue. Clickable Impact is currently Facebook Blueprint certified. It also holds certifications in e-commerce marketing specialization and direct-response copywriting.

The team at Clickable Impact is more than ready and committed to carrying out their clients’ wishes and goals when it comes to marketing a product or service. They work with the most incredible attention to every detail and run campaigns that promise a solid return on investment every time. To the e-commerce growth agency, clients are more than just customers. They’re family. The company thrives on a culture and ecosphere of mutual trust built on values of accountability, transparency, and professionalism.

In the coming years, Caroline Castille and the Clickable Impact team hope to grow their client base and help more entrepreneurs reach their business goals with the right strategies. To learn more about Clickable Impact and their work, visit its company website.