Capital Postal and Mailbox Service: A hub for Shipping, Printing and Mailbox Rental

As the world becomes more of a global village, the shipping industry has become essential in transporting products and services from one part of the world to the other. This very competitive industry requires a deep commitment to excellence. For four years, Capital Postal and Mailbox Service has retained a stellar reputation as the go-to resource for many clients’ shipping, packing, printing, business service needs, and mailbox rental needs.

Capital Postal and Mailbox Service located at Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA, is a one-stop-shop for shipping, packaging and supplies, mailbox rentals, mail drop-off and pickup, notary, auto registration DMV services, courier services, document lamination, passport photography, full printing services, document scanning, and copies and faxes.

The company offers packing and shipping services anywhere globally. Its team of highly trained experts provides the customers with a seamless and enjoyable experience second to none. It saves them time by ensuring all products are obtained in a single quick visit.

Capital Postal and Mailbox Service was established and led by career businesswoman and serial entrepreneur Takisha Clark. Although now climbing the ladder to corporate success as a shipping expert, Takisha had her fair share of challenges and obstacles that colored her journey. She began her entrepreneurship journey at the age of 22 when she started her daycare business. Her invested time and efforts paid off, and her business thrived so much that she owned three homes by the time she was 24. 

Not long after her early success, tragedy struck, and she lost everything she had labored for and was homeless by 26. On top of that, she lost her sister in a car wreck. After a four-year-long hiatus, Takisha as a woman with an indomitable spirit and a determination to succeed again launched into the entrepreneurship scene.

With renewed energy and a goal to help people and create job opportunities,  she bought into a tax franchise called Liberty Tax Service. At the franchise, she learned all about franchising and owning a corporate company. Armed with the right knowledge, she started her own tax business called Good Faith Tax Service, which she recently shut down.

Taking a step in the right direction, Takisha Clark founded Capital Postal & Mail Box Service four years ago and has since taken the company to tremendous heights. Under her skilled leadership, the company has successfully franchised in every state in the United States except California, which will launch in a few months.

Takisha Clark continues to work towards building Capital Postal & Mail Box Service into a Fortune 500 company. She wants the brand to be mentioned in conversations about the biggest and most successful global companies. In her words, she explains, ” I  always wanted to build and have my brand just like the other big brands out there. I am self-motivated and driven. I want to prove that I can do it too, just like them.”

Takisha Clark wants her story to inspire people, especially women currently going through a rough phase. She hopes these individuals see her story and are motivated to keep working as success will eventually come if they keep going.

To learn more about Capital Postal and Mailbox Service and its services, you may visit its official website.

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