Business Owners Skyrocket Sales With ‘SkyRocket Reviews’

SkyRocket provides businesses with a streamlined way to generate more online customer reviews to help increase local search rankings and sales.

Online reviews are an ever-increasing factor in getting top search results, but many businesses still aren’t grasping how vastly important it truly is to strive for more positive online customer reviews. 

Even when business owners understand this, they often don’t have access to a solid process that’s quick & easy for their staff to implement – and that actually works to get customers to leave an online review. 

Consumers not being asked, thinking it will take too long, or not knowing how to give a review, have consistently been cited as the top three reasons people don’t leave more online reviews.

These factors were top-of-mind for the team at Get Iconic while developing their SkyRocket Reviews platform. All it takes is the tap of a button, and a direct review link is instantly sent to a customer at the exact moment when they are the most likely to give positive feedback right away. 

“SkyRocket Reviews” gives businesses exactly what they need to easily & consistently get customers to leave online reviews. SkyRocket is perfect for dentists, chiropractors, car dealerships, massage parlors, nail salons, professional or in-home services, electricians, plumbers and any other business where there is a personal point of contact or customer follow-up done.

Current research shows that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a close friend has Get Iconic, encouraging all businesses to make getting more and better online reviews a top priority, or else risk handing a lot of business over to the competition.

“Consistently getting more online customer reviews should be the number one priority for local businesses,” said Jonathan Benjamin, creator of SkyRocket Reviews. “Consistently receiving positive online customer reviews is an important factor for a business to rank high in search and especially vital when showing up in the top 3 of Google’s Map Pack, where the ONLY differentiating factor between businesses displayed directly next to each other is the average star rating. Most consumers choose the business that has the most reviews and with the highest rating. More reviews equals higher visibility & search-ability, which generates more new customers.”

The team at Get Iconic said that clients that were getting one review every three months or so are now receiving multiple reviews per week, every week. This explosion of online reviews, along with proper management of the business’s Google My Business profile from Get Iconic, has Skyrocketed their local search ranking and added traffic to their business.

Get Iconic’s founder mentions that one of the things that separates their company is the fact that their products & services were created by a business owner, specifically for business owners, based on their own business needs & challenges over the years, as well as feedback from their clients on what could help save them time and grow their businesses.

When asked what motivated him to build his own brand, Jonathan quickly responded: “I never set out to open or launch a digital agency. Get Iconic was born as a solution to my own overwhelm as a busy entrepreneur. On top of a company actually selling their product or service, there is a growing and ever-changing number of other important aspects to running a business. The sheer number of things to contend with – that are foundational to our businesses – is not only overwhelming, but if not kept up on, can leave a business stagnant in their growth, or worse.”

After 20 years of being an entrepreneur, Jonathan knew business owners needed help from someone that fully understood the concerns & challenges of business ownership and offered real solutions to help alleviate the stress and overwhelm. 

At the time, he couldn’t find a company that specialized in that kind of “done-for-you” help… so he took the initiative to create one.

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About Get Iconic

Get Iconic is a digital agency with a passion for helping busy/overwhelmed business owners with their ongoing digital needs – to free up their time and ease their minds while boosting their businesses’ online reputation, credibility & visibility.

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