Brandi Gregge Rewrites Stories of Resilience for Violence Victims

Brandi Gregge
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“Feel your best, be your best” is more than a tagline for Middletown, Delaware’s premiere medical aesthetics practice Mint & Needle—it’s a guiding mission. Founder Brandi Gregge has focused on uplifting clients through a holistic, personalized approach to wellbeing since 2019. Now she’s uplifting survivors of interpersonal violence through her new nonprofit initiative Empowerment Beyond Scars.

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

As a recognized innovator and trainer in medical aesthetics, Gregge has long supported those recovering from trauma through her business and community outreach. However, conversations with survivors revealed a widespread, unmet need for regenerative treatments catered compassionately to those with scars from violence.

Many survivors conveyed feelings of shame, anxiety, or low self-worth tied to visible scarring. Others felt haunted by invisible emotional scars long after physical wounds healed. All described a longing to reclaim their self-confidence and inner strength.

Moved by these stories, Gregge felt called to action. Because of this, she formally launched Empowerment Beyond Scars at Mint & Needle’s annual customer appreciation celebration. The initiative’s mission is to pioneer a world where scars, both seen and unseen, become narratives of strength and resilience, powered by the artistry of medical aesthetics. Through the new initiative, Gregge also aims to create a national network providing survivors with completely free regenerative medical aesthetic services.

The Power of Regenerative Aesthetics

As Gregge explains, the treatments aren’t about chasing perfection. She claimed, “It’s less about big surgeries and more about helping the body do what it’s good at.” Rather, Mint & Needle’s minimally invasive offerings such as laser resurfacing, microneedling, injectables, and more, aid the natural healing process already at work within survivors. Supporting physical recovery simultaneously uplifts emotional health.

“This initiative is about granting survivors the opportunity to rewrite their narratives, revealing the beauty and strength that has always resided within,” said Gregge. By reconstructing appearances altered through violence, such as cigarette burns and scars, providing scar revisions for knife wounds, as well as establishing a dental network for lost teeth, the treatment’s goal is to metaphorically reconstruct not only those self-images but also personal stories.

The Ripple Effects of Empowerment

To expand its scope, Empowerment Beyond Scars actively networks with healthcare providers, nonprofits, government agencies, and corporate sponsors. Gregge hopes sharing educational resources will enlighten more organizations about the profound, lasting impacts of scars beyond the surface.

Gregge also notes that healing survivors ripples out to create healthier communities. Many victims suffer at the hands of intimate partners or family members. Treating external scars and hidden wounds makes survivors less vulnerable to further violence. Healing facilitates hope, empowerment and breaks cycles of harm passing between generations.

Mint & Needle: Fostering Inner + Outer Wellbeing

Empowerment Beyond Scars reflects the greater morals of Mint & Needle under Gregge’s leadership. The medical aesthetic boutique’s name itself embodies their commitment to nourishing their whole patient’s wellbeing. Rather than focusing narrowly on wrinkles or perceived physical flaws, Gregge’s team assesses lifestyle, health history, goals, and overall outlook. It just proves how thoughtful they are with their patients. This holistic approach shapes highly personalized treatment plans matching each individual’s needs and aspirations.

At Mint & Needle, beautification intertwines with empowerment, building confidence through and through. This goes well with their goal of changing the narrative of beauty in the industry. 

Reaching Deeper: Connecting With Community

Through Empowerment Beyond Scars, Gregge spotlights the intense courage, resilience, and inner radiance of those who’ve endured the unimaginable. She calls on legislators, foundations, medical professionals, survivors, and supporters nationwide to join the cause. In this inspiring tale of resilience and compassion, Mint & Needle proves that beauty is not just skin deep. It’s about healing, empowerment, and, most importantly, about giving back.

Gregge believes that with compassion, inclusivity and solidarity at the helm, we can empower survivors to rediscover their light. Scar by scar, story by story, we’re rewriting narratives of strength, one survivor at a time. Everyone can reclaim their power. Join Brandi Gregge in this notable quest to empower beyond scars, and be a part of a movement that believes in beauty as a means to heal, empower, and inspire.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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