Brad Dozier: Seasoned Legal Expert

Brad Dozier: Seasoned Legal Expert
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S. Brad Dozier is a dedicated attorney specializing in estate planning and probate law in Nashville, Tennessee. Licensed since 2006, Brad brings a wealth of experience to his practice, having previously been a financial adviser who owned and operated a firm across three states. With the heart of a teacher, Brad excels in breaking down complex legal matters guiding individuals to informed decisions. Beyond the courtroom, he’s a private pilot, scuba instructor and serves as a Logistics Officer and Pilot with the Civil Air Patrol. Passionate about giving back, Brad actively supports the Tennessee Legal Aid Society, providing legal aid to underprivileged individuals. Despite his myriad accomplishments, Brad continuously strives to enhance his professional skills and knowledge, with a strong emphasis on open communication. Guided by his father’s values, Brad’s commitment to his clients and community truly sets him apart. 

Q & A with S. Brad Dozier, Attorney at Law

Brad, can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Brad Dozier: Absolutely. I’m an Attorney based in Nashville, Tennessee, specifically specializing in estate planning and probate law. I’ve been licensed since 2006. Prior to my legal career, I was a financial adviser and even owned and operated a firm in three states until 2010. Apart from law, I’ve been a private pilot since 2019, a scuba instructor since 2017, and a Logistics Officer and Pilot with the Civil Air Patrol.

That’s quite an impressive portfolio! What drives you in your professional life?

Brad Dozier: At the core, I have the heart of a teacher. My aim is to simplify complex legal issues for people, helping them make informed decisions. Estate planning and probate can be overwhelming for many, so breaking it down is crucial.

You mentioned earlier about your passion for flying and diving. How do you manage to find time for hobbies, given your work commitment?

Brad Dozier: To be honest, I’m a bit of a workaholic, so my hobbies are limited. But flying and diving offer me that occasional escape from the routine.

I understand you’re quite involved in philanthropic endeavors, too.

Brad Dozier: Yes, I’m an active member of the Tennessee Legal Aid Society. We work towards providing legal services to underprivileged individuals. It’s crucial that everyone has access to legal representation.

Can you talk a bit about any challenges you’re currently facing in your professional journey?

Brad Dozier: Of course. Right now, I’m working through some past issues that have affected my reputation. It’s a challenge, but I’m optimistic and focused on moving forward. I hope to rectify and rebuild trust.

In your opinion, what are the main qualities an attorney should possess?

Brad Dozier: Two primary qualities stand out. First, an attorney must be an exceptional listener. Secondly, understanding your area of practice is vital, which means being a lifelong learner. Staying updated with current law changes and trends is essential, especially in my field.

Is there any aspect of your profession you’re working to improve on?

Brad Dozier: Absolutely. I’m always working on improving my communication skills. Clear and empathetic communication is the key to law.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Brad Dozier: My father. He instilled in me the values and work ethic I carry today.

How do you approach goal-setting?

Brad Dozier: I believe in setting goals in writing. As I often say, “An unwritten goal is just a wish.” When overwhelmed, I focus on the next right thing, tackle it, and then move to the subsequent task.

How do you stay updated with the latest in law?

Brad Dozier: I regularly attend continuing education courses. Additionally, I often speak and teach for various organizations. Preparing for these lectures ensures I’m always updated with current laws and trends.

What’s your measure of success?

Brad Dozier: Feedback from my clients and my family’s happiness. These are the true metrics that matter.

Lastly, how do you view the importance of work/life balance?

Brad Dozier: It’s critical. Having a balance ensures mental and emotional well-being. Admittedly, I still struggle with it, but I’m making conscious efforts towards achieving a better balance.

Key Takeaways 

  • Expertise and Continuous Learning: Brad Dozier is a seasoned attorney specializing in estate planning and probate law in Nashville, Tennessee. Beyond his legal expertise, Brad emphasizes the importance of being a lifelong learner, constantly updating himself with the latest in law through continuous education and teaching engagements.
  • Heart of Service: Beyond his professional duties, Brad is deeply committed to giving back to the community. As an active member of the Tennessee Legal Aid Society, he ensures that underprivileged individuals have access to legal representation. His approach to his work is rooted in educating and simplifying complex legal issues for his clients, showcasing his teacher-like approach.
  • Multifaceted Interests and Challenges: Outside of his legal career, Brad has diverse interests, including flying and scuba diving. He acknowledges the challenges he faces, particularly regarding past issues affecting his reputation, and is focused on proactive steps to address and overcome them.
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