BOSS Startup Science: Teaching the Science of How Entrepreneurs Thrive in their first 2-years of Business

The success or failure of any business venture or startup depends on the amount of information available to the founders and managers of such a business. While we live in the age of information where access to information is at everybody’s fingertips, a major problem information seekers face is access to the right information, particularly from experts who are successful at what they do. BOSS Startup Science is an initiative for startups and businesses looking to learn about their industry and what they need to sustain their operations and guarantee success in the long run.

BOSS is co-founded by Gregory Shepard, a serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience bringing business to the fore and achieving the highest level of profitability with each of his companies. Through BOSS (Business Operating Support System), a methodology was developed to empower entrepreneurs while increasing the chances of success for every startup. He is also the founder of BOSS Capital Partners, a global syndicate for investing in tech startups worldwide. 

BOSS Startup Science is an initiative founded to help entrepreneurs and startups find their footing in the business community and, more importantly, give them access to information that could improve the overall standing of businesses and their profitability. BOSS Startup Science operates within the confines of proven operational strategies to help startups attain a stage where failure becomes less likely regardless of how competitive the industry is. 

BOSS Startup Science is a solution for every entrepreneur and founder. Greg’s 25 years of experience has seen him emerge with 12 liquidity exit events, 4 PE awards for transactions between $250M-$1B, numerous publications and startup ideas, so it is clear that the idea behind BOSS is headed by a successful businessman, entrepreneur and business coach. 

On BOSS Startup Science’s mode of operation, Gregory said, “I wrote a research paper  called  Silver Master on why startup companies within the world are doing most things wrong, and this is right out in front with a 90% failure rate. However, I have proven that does not need to be the case with BOSS Startup Science.” Gregory Shepard’s expertise as an avid entrepreneur and reputation precede him, and what fuels him is the success of every entrepreneur. This also drives the daily operation of BOSS Startup Science and properly distinguishes it from other business coaching brands. 

Major areas of concern are revealed by Silver Master which are targeted and explained through analysis generated over a 5-year study. Topics like overvaluing your business, demonstrates flawed thinking by new entrepreneurs to receive additional funding, but many forget that will include overhead costs that must be sustained, which causes a higher percentage of failure. Detailed SWOT and KPI chapters educate and highlight important areas of focus, while Silver Master serves as a trusted guide which will influence greater success of new companies who will embark on their journey to profitability.

In the immediate and long-term goal for BOSS Startup Science, Gregory believes it serves as a stop-gap between entrepreneurs and their challenges via proven intervention through timely and relevant information and business strategies. Five years from now, Greg envisages a situation where students and beneficiaries of the BOSS Startup Science programs are at the top of their respective industries after implementing the numerous strategies picked up from BOSS. 

Be a part of the BOSS initiatives and learn more about Gregory Shepard and his impactful contribution to the business space in the last two decades by visiting his website

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