Big Brother fame Influencer Oleg Astakhov makes it big with his ballroom dancing and Fred Astaire Dance Studio

With the endless opportunities the unique world of dance has created room for passionate individuals who want to make a mark in the dance industry. On the Polish “TV Big Brother” show, even decades of expertise is no guarantee that you’ll win the trophy. But when it comes to Oleg Astakhov, who has been dancing pretty much since his childhood, it really didn’t hurt when he didn’t win the show. People who are at the forefront of the dance industry will take you more seriously, if you can bring clear cut value to the table. Oleg Astakhov does just that and the “TV Big Brother” show helped him in becoming a popular face that he needed initially.

Oleg is now even a popular internet celebrity on YouTube and Instagram. Some of his dance videos and tutorials have received more than 36 million views. He uses his huge following on social handles to connect with people and spread his messages, which could possibly make a change. To fulfill the purpose to help people learn dance in a better way, in 2020, he stepped up and opened Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Arcadia California, the biggest franchise studios in the world.

In an interview, Oleg shared that “he believes that it’s not your failures that will define your future, but it’s how you choose to respond to them.” Behind his dream-come-true Fred Astaire Dance Studio is a journey through the bumpy road of several challenges. His success really didn’t come on a silver platter, he has spent years mastering the Latin American dances. 

Oleg already holds the keys to his own empire with his ballroom dance. There are several dancers, who have the dance talent but they really lack entrepreneurial capabilities. He is an exception and has found a unique way to shape and build his own field with ballroom dancing by starting Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Arcadia. He understands that the prevalence of dance talent in the modern age has taken a major cultural role, when you can reach the audience, when you use dance for the fun of it. 

His background illustrates just how passionate and talented he really is and as the Ballroom Dance industry is already set to garner multi-million revenue, he is ready with Fred Astaire Dance Studio to take advantage of it. Today, his Fred Astaire Dance Studio is one of the most successful dance studios in Arcadia, with several followers and satisfied clients. Such statistics are concrete; they solidify the success story of his dance empire that he is looking to build. 

In addition to his dance studio, he runs a successful “Dance With Oleg“, that offers online courses to help dancers in staying up to date with the newest dance trends. This online platform could not have come at a better time, given that everyone was cooped up inside their homes due to the pandemic and dancing services and facilities were unavailable. 

Oleg can definitely play an incredibly powerful role in building out massively credible dance footprints. No matter how hard things become, he always has a master plan.  He channeled his dancing skills and combined his entrepreneurial acumen towards making the world a much better place. One thing is for sure, however the dance space changes, it is certain that Oleg Astakhov will be there, leading the charge.

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