Berge Abajian: Disrupting the Jewelry Industry One Gem at a Time

Being unique and innovative in any industry can be a daunting and nearly impossible task. It can be tempting to get inspiration from competitors, especially when they have immediate and overwhelming success. However, doing as others do isn’t always the most prosperous path. Berge Abajian, the President, CEO, and Head Designer of Bergio International (OTC PINK: BRGO) understands this more than most.

Berge founded his brand in 1995, but that isn’t where his story begins. He is a third-generation jewelry manufacturer, and his family’s business in jewelry dates back to the 1930s. “We were manufacturing and designing jewelry in the Old City of Jerusalem, and we had one of the most significant manufacturing operations in Manhattan,” says Berge. He took over the family business and brought the company’s profits to unprecedented heights.

Bergio International isn’t like most other companies in the jewelry industry. It prides itself on its unique pieces and never follows jewelry trends. “When I create a new collection, I make sure that each piece is special and has never been made by anyone else,” explains Berge. The company not only heavily focuses on individuality, but also standards. “At Bergio, we like to lead the way in the jewelry industry, and we make sure that all of our pieces are of the highest quality.”

Bergio also became public, which has quickly risen to one of Berge’s most successful decisions as a business owner. “I felt that this was the only way that I could go as a designer in order to reach out to the equity market– and it has been very, very successful for us,” Berge says.

The success hasn’t stopped there. Recently, the company acquired Aphrodite’s, a fast-growing jewelry e-tailer. The acquisition took place in February, but just seven weeks after, the company’s profits jumped a whopping 43.3%. Bergio decided to keep the ball rolling and acquired another company called GearBubble, an e-commerce fulfillment platform that helps their B2B customers sell products on sites such as Etsy, Amazon, and so on. The acquisition will be finalized on July 1, 2021. These two acquisitions combined will likely bring in millions of dollars in revenue for Bergio International.

Bergio’s undeniable success hasn’t come without trying times. Berge created the Yellow Diamond collection and the semi-precious stone collection, which both brought about numerous nay-sayers. As challenging as it was to lack support from the public and others, Berge pushed on– and fortunately he did. One of those collections turned out to be one of his most successful creations. “I took many bold steps that other designers don’t make because they like to follow,” Berge says. “I learned to express myself the way I feel without any fear.”

Although Berge is dedicated to his brand, he is aware of the importance of disconnecting from work. He knows that sticking to your values and also taking care of oneself is key to running a successful business. Nothing is more important to his success than his family. “If you have strong support from your family, you can succeed as long as you have your vision,” explains Berge. “I’m blessed with a good family that always supports what I want to do, my overall vision, and my goals for the future.”

Berge knows that what he is doing is working and he wants to make his mark on the jewelry industry. “I want to leave behind my sense of bold designs and my forward-thinking,” he says. “I move and look forward at all times and never look back.”


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