BD Capital: A Father-Son Venture Upholding a Family Legacy and Advancing the Real Estate Industry

Some of the most unique and innovative companies were once born out of an old father-son relationship. These relationships pin deep values within its corporate roots, which forever define the company. One of the most powerful and unique titans of the real estate industry, BD Capital, was born from such a relationship. 

Established by Barry Segal and his son Martin Segal in 2015, BD Capital focused on its mission to transform the current private lending system by providing a family-friendly environment alongside competitive lending terms. It was a unique father-son partnership between Barry Segal and Martin Segal that started and developed the company into what it is today, a multi-million dollar company that has more importantly touched and helped thousands of lives through funding and philanthropy. Together, the duo in record time have put together a team that has funded over 500 successful projects. BD Capital also operates under its parent company, B & D Holdings, which manages and owns an impressive 4.5 million square feet of properties. 

The family-owned business is owned by the Segal family, with Barry Segal at the helm. The Segal family’s journey in the business world goes back many decades, when Barry started working with his father in 1951 at the H. Verby Company. He started Bradco in 1966, and by 2006, the company already operated 150 branches all over the United States. He then sold control of the company in August 2008 and has since then focused on developing BD Capital and philanthropy.

Launching BD Capital with his son Martin is his way of ensuring that the family’s legacy is being upheld by rendering a service that people need. BD Capital sources of funds is unique, being that it is all generated from the Segal family ventures. Every dime that is lent is all in-house money that came from the grit and determination from one family. BD Capital is set up to deliver impeccable services while giving the feeling of a family-oriented business. Beyond offering loans to real estate investors, BD Capital is heavily involved in philanthropy by donating its profits to underprivileged communities worldwide through The Segal Family Foundation. The foundation focuses on the people and communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, where basic amenities and empowerment resources are not available.

BD Capital’s embodies what an ideal family business should look like. With its goal of expanding into the south, BD Capital hopes to continue its work of delivering an efficient lending solution in the real estate world. The ultimate goal is to expand into new regions and change how real estate investors access funding. BD Capital also hopes to keep helping out the world and giving back to communities along the way.

Learn more about BD Capital on the official website.

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