Armin Erbsland: A Journey of Resilience, Excellence and Success

Armin Erbsland
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Armin Erbsland is a distinguished individual hailing from Massachusetts, known for his remarkable achievements and multifaceted interests. Born on April 30, 1968, in Rye, New York, Armin has carved a unique path in life, leaving a lasting impact on various fronts.

His early life was influenced by a family deeply rooted in athleticism and education. Armin’s brothers, Brad and Eric, were accomplished athletes, Brad in the sport of hockey, and Eric in wrestling. His father, a retired Captain of the Fire Department in New York, was not only a renowned wrestler but also a football player. His mother, Deborah Antonecchia, contributed to education by working in Rye City Schools for three decades. Armin himself attended Rye Schools and Rye High School, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Armin pursued his education at Illinois Benedictine College in Lisle, Illinois, where he majored in Psychology. During his college years, he gained valuable experience by working at Krejci Academy for Children with Autism as part of his internship, supporting his major.

In the professional arena, Armin Erbsland has excelled as an accomplished and certified Outsourcing Professional. He holds a Master’s Certification in course work from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. Currently serving as the Senior Director of the Insurance Business Unit at Capgemini since 2010, Armin has also held notable positions with companies like Hewlett Packard, Zensar Technologies, and Wipro, showcasing his expertise in the field.

Beyond his professional achievements, Armin is known for his passion for automobiles, sports, and dogs. He actively engages in community service and supports causes close to his heart, such as food drives, tree planting, and donations to dog shelters and charitable organizations.

Armin Erbsland’s journey is a testament to his commitment to excellence, resilience, and dedication to both personal and professional growth. He defines success not only by achieving his goals but also by being a compassionate and responsible individual, making a positive impact in the world.

Insights from Armin Erbsland: Navigating Life and Career with Purpose and Resilience

Armin, you’ve mentioned your philosophy of “accomplishing goals, leading by example, and being a good, responsible, caring, respectful human being.” Could you elaborate on how this philosophy has shaped your personal and professional life?

Armin Erbsland: Absolutely. This philosophy is the core of how I approach everything in life. It’s about setting clear objectives, working diligently towards them, and doing so with integrity and empathy. In my personal life, it’s about being a good family member, a caring friend, and a responsible member of my community. In my professional life, it translates to setting high standards for myself and my team, and consistently delivering on our commitments.

You’ve mentioned that there are always hurdles in life and that you typically roll with the punches. How do you navigate challenges and setbacks, both personally and professionally?

Armin Erbsland: Challenges and setbacks are inevitable, and they come in various forms – financial setbacks, personal losses, unexpected circumstances. The key is resilience and gratitude. I’ve learned to adapt, stay positive, and be thankful for each day. It’s crucial to keep moving forward, even when faced with adversity, and always seek opportunities for growth and improvement.

In your professional journey, you’ve held significant roles in the IT and business world. Can you share your perspective on what it takes to succeed in this field?

Armin Erbsland: Success in the IT and business world requires a combination of factors. Firstly, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of the industry, domain, and the latest technology trends. Secondly, one must align technology with business aspirations effectively. Lastly, people play a pivotal role. Surrounding yourself with talented individuals can create a strong organization and valuable intellectual property.

You’ve drawn parallels between your experience in athletics and your approach to the business world. Can you elaborate on how your athletic background has influenced your professional life?

Armin Erbsland: Athletics taught me valuable lessons about discipline, teamwork, and striving for excellence. These principles easily translate into the business world. Every team member has a distinct role in achieving success, much like every athlete on a team. It’s about having a well-defined strategy, mastering individual roles, and working cohesively towards a common goal.

Mentoring seems to be important to you. Who have been your most significant mentors, and how have they influenced your journey?

Armin Erbsland: My parents, my wrestling coach, and several bosses I’ve worked for have been significant mentors. They’ve imparted valuable life lessons, emphasizing the importance of hard work, integrity, and continuous learning. Their guidance has played a crucial role in shaping my character and career.

You mentioned maintaining daily and long-term lists and learning from every experience. Could you share more about your approach to personal and professional organization and growth?

Armin Erbsland: I’m a firm believer in setting goals and staying organized. I maintain daily and long-term lists, and as I accomplish tasks, I cross them off. It helps me stay focused and ensures I’m continually learning from my experiences. I incorporate these learnings into future endeavors to continually improve and adapt.

Finally, how do you define success, both in your professional and personal life?

Armin Erbsland: Success, to me, is multifaceted. In my professional life, it’s about achieving my goals, delivering results, and contributing positively to my organization. In my personal life, it’s about being content and happy with the person I am each night when I go to bed. Success means different things in different contexts, but ultimately, it’s about balance, fulfillment, and continuous growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Philosophy of Excellence: Armin Erbsland’s philosophy of accomplishing goals, leading by example, and being a responsible, caring individual underscores his approach to both personal and professional life. This commitment to excellence has been a driving force behind his success.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Armin’s ability to roll with life’s punches and navigate challenges with resilience and gratitude stands out. Whether facing setbacks or unexpected obstacles, his positive attitude and adaptability are key factors in overcoming adversity.
  • Holistic Definition of Success: Armin’s definition of success is multi-dimensional, encompassing both professional achievements and personal contentment. Success, for him, is not just about career milestones but also about being a good human being and finding balance and growth in all aspects of life.
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