Alan Blakeborough and Tax Titans Provide Career Opportunities for Veterans and Military Spouses

Tax Titans founder and president Alan Blakeborough (known as Blake) created his groundbreaking accounting platform to empower individuals and small businesses looking for tax professionals in an easy and convenient way. Because of his technological breakthrough, for the first time in over a century of paying taxes, consumers now have the ability to connect with accountants anywhere in the country, receiving multiple bids and hiring the professional that best fits their specific needs.

In creating Tax Titans, Blake also opened the door for accountants to have greater independence and autonomy than ever before – enabling them to set their own hours, work from anywhere in the world, and maintain control over their business. While Tax Titans is designed to serve all tax professionals who qualify for the platform, there is a sector of the workforce that holds a special place in Blake’s heart – military personnel and spouses.

With Tax Titans, military spouses now have a way to continue building their business and careers while raising a family and navigating the often-frequent moves that accompany life in the military. For Blake, building a solution for military personnel and spouses has significant meaning.

“My dad was a Vietnam veteran, and he told me a story growing up about when he got back from Vietnam and went to the unemployment office, trying to find a job, and nobody would help him,” Blake says. “After going in there 4-5 times, he grabbed all the pencils off the lady’s desk and told her that if they couldn’t help him find a job, he would go out on the street and sell those pencils, because his family was not going to go hungry. So, for me, creating this opportunity for veterans is personal.”

Because military spouses often have to move every few years, it can be incredibly difficult to find steady employment and build a stable career. As a tax professional with Tax Titans, they can work anywhere remotely, keep 90% of their fees, and earn, on average $50-80k a year.

“You can work wherever you move as long as you have an internet connection,” Blake says. “Now, people can move around without losing any clients. They can just continue to build their practice.”

Not only does Tax Titans provide greater earning potential to military spouses – it also gives them a better work-life balance, which is critical.

“When your spouse is deployed, now you have to be mom and dad for the foreseeable future,” Blake says. “With Tax Titans, you can manage your workday, take care of the family, and pay the bills.”

For veterans and military spouses that want to transition into accounting but do not know where to start, Tax Titans has the solution as well. Through partnerships with Drake Tax and Gleim Tax Exam Prep, Tax Titans has developed a certification program for veterans and military spouses – allowing them to take the necessary courses and gain certification without any upfront costs. It is just one more way that Blake and his team at Tax Titans are changing the world of tax preparation and accounting.

“There are 1.8 million military spouses just on active duty alone, and at the same time, we have a huge shortage of tax professionals in the United States right now,” Blake says. “Tax Titans, Drake, and Gleim are all very pro-veteran, so we are overjoyed to be able to provide these career opportunities to military spouses and veterans who are transitioning back to civilian life.”

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