Adrienne Gates: Powerhouse CEO, Tax Expert, and Financial Literacy Advocate

Many people dream of achieving financial independence and paving the way to build

Generational wealth for their children. One aspect of achieving that goal is financial literacy and understanding how to do one’s taxes, whether personal or for a small business. Adrienne Gates is a businesswoman, tax expert, and financial counselor who has helped many of her clients’ progress on their financial journey. With her expert guidance and her company’s suite of tax and financial services, Adrienne can help anyone achieve their goals.

Adrienne Gates believes that financial literacy is a solid foundation needed for anyone to start building and growing wealth. However, only some have access to education and the necessary tools to become more financially literate. She knows what it feels like to hit financial rock bottom. But, as one who has successfully climbed her way out of it, she now serves as an instrumental figure in helping others move upward on their financial journey.

Adrienne has built businesses geared towards delivering solutions to financial literacy and tax preparation. One of which is EZ Money Tax, a tax preparation company that takes away the stress of tax season from their clients by making the tax filing process easier for them. The company provides Personal Tax Preparation services for W-2 Employees, students, military personnel, senior citizens, and retirees. EZ Money also provides Small Business Bookkeeping Services. For years, Adrienne Gates and her team have served the people of Atlanta as a trusted name for tax prep, building a reputation for providing high-quality assistance centered on honesty, fairness, and integrity.

Adrienne Gates also supports entrepreneurs as they work towards their dreams. To help them grow their businesses, Adrienne created Cache Enterprises to assist small business owners in finding funding and capital for their different ventures. She and her team do this by guiding entrepreneurs to build their business credit and find the proper funding and loan plans for their businesses. Through their expertise, their entrepreneur clients can better navigate the complicated process of business loans and building good credit. “Their personal credit score won’t be a hindrance to getting the capital they need. My team and I will find the best solutions for them,” Adrienne explained.

Furthermore, she also advocates for better financial literacy for the underserved members of her community. Her independent non-profit organization, Pathways of Wealth and Economic Resources Atlanta (P.O.W.E.R. Atlanta, Inc.), focuses on improving financial literacy, awareness, and education by removing barriers to access. “Understanding personal finances and how the system works will help others as they get on the track to becoming more financially stable. With the right knowledge, they can make better financial decisions that will make a huge difference in their future”, Adrienne relayed. She also stated that helping to educate the e marginalized in her community and give them the skills they need to make informed financial decisions. “Ultimately, we at P.O.W.E.R. Atlanta Inc., want to create a mindset of sustainability and success regarding personal finances”, she added.

Adrienne Gates’ passion for financial literacy and helping entrepreneurs stems from her experiences of making irresponsible and poorly-informed decisions that ended in her losing her home. This period of her life served as a wake-up call. Adrienne quickly changed her viewpoint and pursued further training and education, becoming a tax specialist in 2014 and has also built other businesses since then.

“I found a passion for business and financial freedom, and I am committed to helping others turn their lives around, as I have. Financial literacy is a vital life skill, and I want more people to educate themselves”, Adrienne shared. With EZ Money Tax Solutions, Cache Enterprises, and P.O.W.E.R. Atlanta, Inc., Adrienne helps individuals take charge of their financial future.