Aaron Rian Shares a Crazy Story as One of America’s Most Successful Business Tycoons

Many have heard of the Wolf of Wall St. and it’s notorious leader Jordan Belfort during the late 90’s. The company at the time, Stratmon Oakmonth was a prevalent company that relied on its internal determined call center. If you’ve seen the movie you know the chaos that ensued on a trading floor on wall street. The high intensity that surrounded each salesman’s morale, fueled the company’s benchmarks and quick climb to success in the public securities market. We do however know how the legend of Straton and Jordan went down, as they say all empires at some point come to an end.

Less than a decade later, on the west coast of America another legend was born, his name Aaron Rian. This time instead of Public securities the company under Aaron Rians helm offered payment processing services across the country. What was the same was the high intensity call centers that were filled with well utter chaos.

In light of relation to Jordan Belfort, Aaron Rian at just the age of 23 took his payment processing company from $0 to $100 Million dollars in sales in just 12 months. When we asked Aaron what it was like he said “It was just like the Wolf of Wall Street, we literally took the company from $0 to $100 Million in revenue with straight phone sales.” He went on to say “I walked in every day to the office and it was chaos, we had over 300 people on the call floor, it was a real hard core close environment and damn were we good at it.”

Being at such a young age with the world in the palm of his hands what did Aaron do? Sorry to kill the suspense but Aaron just continued to work hard. Unlike the original spin off of the Wolf, Aaron chose to continue to work although his lifestyle and company were literally a mirror of the past of the Wolf of Wall Street.

Today Aaron Rian looks back on his days with his first company, which he did end up selling and exiting as an exciting time in his life. He went on to say “It was a total compliance and HR nightmare, We all have seen the movies and asked the what ifs. Being able to say I witnessed and was a part of something of that caliber is something I am grateful for. You just don’t see that anymore in today’s world.” Today Aaron is the principal broker and CEO of The Brokerage House Realtors, a national powerhouse Real Estate Brokerage. To learn more about Aaron Rian, click here.

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