75 Hard: The Program That Isn’t for the Faint-Hearted but Brings Big Results

Drastic times call for extreme measures. For anyone who yearns for massive transformation in a short time, challenges are necessary. Entrepreneur, author, and consultant Andy Frisella takes it up a notch by introducing a Herculean program that is challenging people from all over to level up their whole being through a strict regimen. The results have been nothing short of astounding for the thousands upon thousands of people whose lives have forever been changed by the 75 Hard program.

It doesn’t take two looks to conclude that Andy Frisella has accomplished a significant deal in his lifetime. He’s a successful business owner and highly sought-after speaker and consultant who teaches entrepreneurs to create customer loyalty, build reputable brands, build raving cultures, and succeed at business. The business expert and motivational authority has appeared on multiple top-tier publications, including Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, to name a few.

Andy is also a highly-respected podcaster and show host who ran “The MFCEO Project” from 2015 to 2019. It was the number 1 business and success podcast on various platforms. Today, he has launched a new podcast called REAL AF, where he interacts with guests on trending topics and hot-button issues.

Lately, what Andy has been best known for is his program, 75 Hard, which features a daunting challenge that guarantees explosive results if followed religiously. The program has taken off and gone viral, gaining as many as a billion views on the newest social media craze TikTok. Over 200,000 people have completed the challenge and seen tremendous transformation in their health, productivity, careers, relationships, and self-image. Given that the program commands a registration tag of zero dollars, the return on investment has been astronomically massive for all participants. All that Andy hopes is that his students pay it forward.

The 75 Hard program requires that participants follow a strict regimen, including daily habits that will push people to make significant life-altering changes. The program includes following a diet that you choose with no cheat days, working out twice a day, drinking four liters daily, reading ten pages of a book, no alcohol & taking a daily progress photo.

To say the least, the 75 Hard program can be overwhelming, but many have lauded the program for the results it brings to their overall manner of living. There are currently over 700,000 posts in the hashtag #75hard, with more coming in daily. Given that the program can run side by side with any coaching, fitness, or learning program, the program looks to welcome thousands of new participants.

The program has done more than improve people’s fitness. It has profoundly impacted their mindset, confidence, work ethic, and many other traits and qualities that help build more successful lives. It’s Andy’s goal that the program changes millions of lives over years.

The 75 Hard program continues to call on all who have the grit, persistence, and mental conditioning to make big strides in their overall way of life. To check out the program, visit its website. You can also learn more about Andy Frisella by visiting his official website.

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