212 Motoring: NYC’s Premier Car Customization Shop

212 Motoring, owned by Harry Shasho, is New York City’s premier car customization shop. With celebrities like Chris Brown and institutions like Homeland Security and NYPD entrusting the brand and owner with their automotive needs, it is no wonder 212 Motoring has grown into a powerhouse in the city’s automotive industry. Custom candy-red Ferraris and bright yellow Lamborghinis are familiar sights outside of 212 Motorings headquarters at 3939 Emmons Avenue in South Brooklyn. Body kits, custom paints and wraps, audio enhancements, among other things are provided within the state of the art facility. The flair behind 212 Motoring comes directly from its owner, NY native Harry Shasho. An enthusiastic car collector and valued customer at brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini, Mr. Shasho has built the company from the ground up. From rough beginnings to super cars, the story of Harry Shasho is one that is familiar with adversity and hardship.

After losing both his parents tragically in his early twenties, Harry Shasho set out on an entrepreneurial path, taking him through many industries, ranging from computer sales to auto insurance and collision repair. “Growing up, life was never easy, and nothing was given to me. I always had to rise above and work for what I wanted,” said Mr. Shasho as he walked through his newly purchased commercial property.

His recent business success has allowed him to dip his feet into new endeavors, most recently, real estate investment. Through his successes, he hopes to inspire others currently going through hardship. Mr. Shasho says, “No matter the adversity you experience in your life right now, you have the freedom in this country to always push past it and never let your surroundings dictate your outcome.” The key to Harry’s success is never resting on his laurels, and always using roadblocks as fuel to push full steam ahead.

To learn more about Harry Shasho, visit 212 Motoring’s website at www.212motoring.com

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