What are Some Causes of Car Crashes? How Do We Avoid Them?

Picture this, a man is driving down the road towards evening. He has the radio on, and he is a bit annoyed at the political discourse that is going on on the talk show. He looks down to change the station and…

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A car crash is a driver’s worst nightmare. No one wants to ram their car into a roadside street sign, or another driver’s car. However, car crashes are common, with WHO suggesting that 1.3 million people lose their lives in road crashes.

Most countries spend 3% of their GDP on road crashes, making them a menace. Besides fatality and cost to the economy, the aftermath of a car crash can be stressful because of damaged property, high medical bills, increased insurance premiums, paralysis, and lost wages.

Interestingly most car accidents are avoidable. You can avoid the negative consequences of a car crash by exercising caution when on and off the road. This article focuses on common car crash causes and how to avoid them.

  1. Distractions

The modern world has many distractions, from phones to passengers or cheeseburger shops by the roadside.

Driving requires complete attention because you are not the only person using the road. A fellow driver may urgently step on their brakes without warning, and if you are distracted by your phone, you may cause a serious accident.

How can you avoid distractions while driving?

It is good to remember that when you are behind the wheel, your primary job is to get to your destination regardless of your driving experience. Avoid receiving calls while driving. If you cannot ignore the call, pull over by the roadside before receiving a call or responding to an email.

Note: Avoid falling victim to multi-tasking. Even if you have mulitasked while driving in the past without incident, that doesn’t mean the next time will be too. All it takes is once…

  1. Drunk driving

There is a reason why traffic police have an alcohol blow. They know that drunk people should not drive since they will likely cause an accident.

Alcohol impairs one’s judgment, thus endangering your life and other road users. Data from NHTSA reveal that 32 people in the US die every day from drunk-driving car crashes. That is the equivalent of one person per 45 minutes!

How to avoid drunk driving: If you know you are going to drink at a party, go with a friend who does not drink alcohol or will not drink to act as your driver. Alternatively, you can use taxi services to get home after you have taken alcohol.

  1. Speeding

Driving a car is undoubtedly fun, but only if you play by the rules. Over speeding may seem exhilarating, but it reduces your response time in an unexpected event.

The roads are full of surprises. For instance, a fellow road user has lost control and is headed in your lane, a drunk driver has lost focus and is coming your way, or an expected animal is crossing the road.

You might have a better chance of surviving a car crash if you were not overspeeding. However, if you were way ahead of the stipulated speed limit, the chances are that you are headed to the ICU or the graveyard, and your car will be written off.

How to avoid overspeeding: Take note of the speed limits on your route. Avoid the temptation of driving past the speed limit because the road seems clear.

  1. Inclement weather

Bad weather, especially during rainy or snowy seasons, can result in hazardous driving conditions. Water can cause your car to slide unexpectedly, resulting in accidents. Even if you have new tires, you want to be cautious; otherwise, you may cause a car crash.

How to avoid car crashes from bad weather: Drive carefully during bad weather. Overspeeding on foggy and snowy roads is a double disaster. Slamming on the brakes can cause your car to slide or overturn. Drive below speed limits in bad weather to improve your chances of evading a crash in case of an accident.

  1. Improper Lane changes

We probably have heard someone cut us off. These drivers make an urgent lane change, leaving you slamming your brakes as you hoot for common sense. This habit can cause serious car crash even on a smooth highway.

How to avoid car crashes due to unsafe lane change: Before overtaking another vehicle, ensure you have enough room between you and them. And ensure your indication is on, showing that you want to change the lane, allowing the other road users on that lane to slow down.

  1. Night driving

Night driving increases the chance of an accident by almost double! We are not nocturnal animals with night vision. It is challenging to see what is coming at your side or ahead of you.

I once saw a TikTok video showing a broken car parked by the roadside without indicators at night. The result was multiple car crashes because other drivers did not see the broken vehicle.

How to avoid night driving car crash: Heighten your awareness when the night falls. Ensure you have enough rest before driving at night to avoid drowsiness that could lead to lane veering.

Book a motel room and sleep if you feel tired after a long drive but still have a long way to go. Your life is more valuable than the time you want to save!

  1. Ignoring traffic lights

Some impatient drivers have the habit of running the red light. During your driving classes, before you received a driving license, you were taught that red means stop. It is not a suggestion but a command.

Unfortunately, some drivers try a “catch it” game by speeding when the lights turn yellow before turning red. This practice is a major of accidents and fines imposed on drivers.

How to avoid this trap: Observe traffic rules and slow down when the traffic lights turn yellow. You will arrive home on time; the extra 10 seconds of waiting is not enough to cost your life.

  1. Reckless driving

Driving in and out of traffic like James Bond as you cut off other drivers without an accident is only possible in a movie. On the real road, it is equivalent to reckless driving with the potential of causing a severe accident. Reckless driving endangers the lives of those in your car and other road users.

How to avoid accidents due to reckless driving:  For starters, avoid driving recklessly. Second, if you see a driver driving recklessly, pave the way for them. You and your car can become a victim of their actions.

Final thought

There is a common saying you should remember “when you are on the road, assume you are the only same person; others are mad.” While it is true that some accidents are unpreventable, the majority are preventable if drivers change their behaviors. Life is precious; please do not trash in a car crash.

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