Women Fighting Back After They are Verbally Abused Online

Women are enduring abuse and many threats online every day, and nothing much is being done about it, as there are no laws to deal with this new form of abuse as yet. Legislators are being criticized because of the slow pace in which they are moving towards making new laws that will cause abusive persons to stop abusing women online.

A tweet stated that the abuser wanted to hold the female in his arms and then choke the life out of her. Could it be the increase in the number of video games that have killing as something that is just easily done and forgotten that is causing this change in the way people communicate? It seems as if monsters are being made every day and they like to hide in the shadows and allow persons to take a peek at who they are when they use social media.

They do this because women being abused verbally is not seen as anything that is a major problem. There are too many major crimes taking place for anyone to pay attention to monsters on social media.

A video series called Feminist Frequency has been produced by Anita Sarkeesian and her team, she is a cultural critic who has taken on the producers of violent games. Her activity has caused her to be a target for gamers, and the abusive tweet I referred to earlier was sent to her.

There are persons who suffer online defamation of their characters, and they can’t find an attorney to represent them in court.

There is also the issue of revenge porn, where bedroom activity is being displayed online to hurt females after a relationship falls apart. The advancement in technology has done a lot of good things for the world, but the increase in crime that is caused by the use of technology is not getting enough attention as yet, and it is time for us all to wake up and look at the growing monster before it consumes everyone.

Too many persons are just going after money, and they are not stopping to think of the consequences of their actions and what happens when the things they use to earn turns others into monsters who don’t respect the feelings and lives of others.

There are persons who are actively trying to get social media officials to wake up and pay attention to this growing problem, but we don’t know how successful they will be at causing anything to change about the way shared information is monitored on these sites. It would be good if abusive persons could lose their accounts forever. Their computers could be blacklisted and blocked from opening another account on social media.

Some women are fighting back, and that is great, they put the name of the abusive person in messages and tell everyone what the abuse was like, with the hope that persons will do something about it.